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Collection Development Procedures

The Collection Development Unit accepts purchase request from students, faculty and staff.  Request and recommendations for purchase are accepted through the library’s website at  The majority of requests come from faculty using notification slips.  However, each faculty member may also use the electronic selection tools provided by the library.  The library cannot guarantee that all requested materials will be purchased.  Please allow 6 weeks for orders to be processed.

The Library Liaison assigned to each department is the primary contact for any and all communication regarding library collections and/or services. However, the Collection Development Librarian is also available to answer questions about acquisitions. Contact information is available on the 'Liaisons' list on the library's homepage.

In order to maintain optimal communication lines, instructional units should keep the Collection Development Librarian informed of the identity of their Departmental Representatives. The Collection Development Librarian will inform Department Representatives of any changes in the identity of their Library Liaison.

Notification Slips

  1. The library provides faculty with monograph publication notification slips from Midwest Publishing and Choice. The Collection Unit staff sorts and bundles notification slips by subject areas.
  2. Each bundle of slips is then sent to the appropriate Department Representative (Upon request the slips can sorted by area of specialization within a subject and sent to individual faculty members).  The Department Representative is responsible for reviewing the notification slips, with input from his or her colleagues, indicating those to be recommended for purchase.
  3. Selectors must initial the notification slips for items they suggest for purchase.   Slips without initials or with illegible initials will not be considered for purchase. 
  4. The Department Representative then returns the entire bundle of slips to his or her Library Liaison.
  5. The Library Liaison will sort the returned slips, make further recommendations and return them to the Collection Development Librarian. The slips that represent final recommendations are then sent to the Collection Development Librarian. The Collection Development Librarian makes final purchasing decisions.

Electronic Selection Resources

Three electronic selection resources are available in addition to notification slips. Any or all of these resources can be consulted when making recommendations. These resources have internal email notification options that selectors can use to submit requests to their Library Liaisons.  Individual accounts can be established by contacting your library liaison and/or the Collection Development Librarian at

Book Index with Reviews
This database indexes millions of book titles in a wide range of formats and genres. It contains thousands of full text searchable reviews from multiple publications. It is accessed from the 'Databases by Title' page on the library's homepage.

Choice Online
This database is the online version of Choice cards. It uses the same recommendation levels (essential, and highly recommended) for outstanding titles.

GOBI Alerts
An email service designed to notify teaching faculty or other selectors of newly published titles from Yankee Book Publishers. These customizable alerts are defined by subject area in combination with other parameters and can be electronically interactive or viewed offline.   This service requires registration.  Please contact me if you would like to receive GOBI Alerts.

Requests from Other Sources

When instructional faculty become aware of materials through their own professional publications or other means, they may forward all available information (including importance ranking) to their Department Representative, who will send such requests to the Library Liaison. They will be treated exactly like requests submitted through slips or electronic means.

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