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The Curriculum Library is housed within the Curriculum Lab: Room 106-1 of Black Hall.

The primary mission of the School of Education Curriculum Library is to serve teacher education students, faculty, and staff. Materials in the library include K-12 textbooks in all major subject areas, award-winning children and young adult books, education monographs, periodicals, course reserves, classroom manipulatives, and audio-visual materials. All current CWU students, faculty, and staff are welcome to check out materials from the library. The library's circulation policy provides more information about loan periods and overdue fines.

To appeal a library fine, please visit the appeals page.



October 9-16, 2019

The Curriculum Library is bringing back the Scholastic Book Fair! Open from 9am-4pm during the week and 11am-3pm on Saturday Oct. 12! Come stock up on new books and goodies for your classroom! Please consider volunteering to help run the fair with us!

Check out our homepage here to sign up to volunteer, check out our calendar, get a sneak peek at sales, or set up an e-wallet for easy payment during the sale! All profit goes to purchasing fresh materials for the Curriculum Library, so please tell everyone to come visit!


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Office location: Room 106-4 within the Curriculum Library

Phone number: 509-963-1138



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