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Fashion History and Costume Design

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Subject Guide to Fashion History and Costume Design
Central Washington University
Special Collections
November 2006
Prepared by Anne Bahde


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  • Lipson, Louis. Lipson's Artistic Costume Design. Los Angeles : the author, 1941. TT507.L55 1941.
  • ---. Lipson's Textbook of Practical Costume Designing. Los Angeles : the author, 1950. TT507.L56 1950.
  • Pilton, Camille. Le Costume Civil en France du XIII au XIX Siecle. Paris : Ernest Flammarion, 1927?. GT850.P5. 
  • Vogue Covers, 1900-1970. New York : Harmony Books, 1978. NC1849.F38 V64 1978.


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  • Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine. Philadelphia: Louis A. Godey. AP2.G63.
  • Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine. Philadelphia: G. R. Graham. Edited by Edgar Allen Poe. AP2.G73.
  • Needlecraft Magazine. New York : Needlecraft Publishing Co., 1930.
  • Photoplay Magazine. Chicago: Photoplay Publishing House, 1924. (Jan-Feb)

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