University Libraries

Laptop Computer Policy

Current Central Washington University students may checkout a laptop computer with their Central Connection card.

Time Limits, Availability and Fines

One laptop computer per patron may be borrowed at a time.

Laptop computers may be checked out for four hours.

Laptop computers may not be reserved.

Overdue fines will accumulate at a rate of $10.00 per hour or any portion of an hour.

The replacement charge for a lost or stolen laptop computer is $1,500, plus a $50 processing fee.

All laptop computers must be returned to the Library Circulation Desk before the Circulation Desk closes.

Borrower’s Responsibilities

The Borrower assumes all responsibility for all costs associated with the loss, theft or damage to the laptop computer and its accessories.  All costs associated with the loss, theft or damage to the laptop computer while on loan to the Borrower shall be the sole obligation of the Borrower. 

The Borrower must inform the Library Circulation Desk staff immediately of any problems, damages, malfunctions, loss or theft of the laptop computer.

The laptop computer must remain in the Library at all times.

Laptop computers must be kept out of direct sunlight and away from liquids.

The Borrower must not leave the laptop computer unattended or loan, or otherwise provide the computer, to any other person.

All files must be saved to a personal file.  The Library does not assume any responsibility for files stored to the laptop computer.

No software may be loaded onto the computer at any time and none of the existing software or configuration options may be altered or deleted.

Please return laptop computers to the Circulation Desk, not in the book drop.  Damage or replacement fines may be charged for any computer returned in a book drop. 

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