Library Advisory Council

Reports to the Dean of Libraries or designee and shall advise the Dean on the development of library collections, policies, and services.  The Council will develop and adopt operational guidelines that will direct the Council’s work into the future.  The Council is charged with:

  • Providing input and guidance on matters related to the operational effectiveness of the Brooks Library and its branches.
  • Serves as advocates for the libraries to the university community and beyond.
  • Represents the students, faculty and staff in library-related needs, especially during a unique and pivotal time of transition for the Brooks Library while it is creating the Academic and Research Commons.
  • Actively searches for ways to improve the libraries and promote programs to make our patrons aware of our resources and services, including those of the wider community.

Membership:  9 members, including 1 ex-officio (the Dean of Libraries or designee), 8 appointed, including 5 faculty (1 CAH, 1 CEPS, 1 COTS, 1 CB, 1 CWU Center), 1 CWU staff, 1 library staff, and 1 student (appointed by the Associated Students of Central Board of Directors).

Reports to: Patricia Cutright, Dean of Libraries

Contact:  Becky Severin, Brooks Library

Chair:  Thomas Tenerelli

Purpose:  Advises the Dean of Libraries on the development of library collections, policies, and services. 

Committee membership as of 9/7/12:

Member Type


Member Name

Term Ends


Dean of Libraries

Patricia Cutright



1 Faculty from CAH

Gary Bartlett


1 Faculty from CEPS

Jan Byers-Kirsch


1 Faculty from CB

Thomas Tenerelli


1 Faculty from COTS

Susan Lonborg


1 Faculty from a CWU Center

Grace Ke


1 CWU Staff

Joey Thornton


1 CWU Student



1 Library Staff

Maureen Rust


Contact:  Becky Severin, Brooks Library