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Operating the TouchIT boards

1.  Is this your first time using the TouchIT board?  Please ask at the iDesk for a quick demonstration.

2.  Before using the TouchIT board make sure you have Presentation Room A or B reserved.

3.  Once you have made your reservation you can check out the wireless keyboard and mouse that corresponds to your room from Circulation. Wireless keyboards and mice can be checked out for two hours.

4.  Turn on the projector.  The power button will glow orange when the projector is off.  Please do not change the settings on the projector.  If you are having trouble with the projector please ask for assistance at the iDesk.

5.  The TouchIT boards are hooked up to Mac Minis running Windows 7.  The Mac Minis are always on so a click of the wireless mouse or keyboard should wake the machine.  Not working? Ask the iDesk for help.

More questions?  Ask at the iDesk.

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