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Reserves Processing Guidelines for CWU Faculty

The Central Washington University Library provides circulation of Reserve materials in support of all levels of instruction. Faculty may use the Reserve Desk to retain materials difficult for students to find due to the high demand created by class assignments. Students have easy access to the material during all the hours the Library is open. This service is provided under the following guidelines:

  • In accordance with copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code) please make certain all materialsare used in accordance with "Fair Use" agreements.
  • To place photocopied material on Reserve you must sign the Compliance Form every quarter that you place photocopied material on reserve.
  • Requests to place materials on Reserve are processed in the order in which they are received.
  • Generally requests are processed in one or two days except for the first two weeks of the quarter, when more time may be needed.
  • Required textbooks generally are not put on Reserve. If, however, the bookstore cannot supply enough copies for the number of students enrolled in the course, textbooks may be placed on Reserve.
  • Items from other libraries cannot be put on Reserve.
  • Not more than five copies of an article will be put on Reserve.
  • Student assistants may put materials on Reserve for faculty members ONLY IF they have a note from that faculty member.
  • Fill out the Reserve Rolodex card giving:
    1. course abbreviation and number
    2. title of item that students will use (should match title on item)
    3. author
    4. instructor's name
    5. quarter to be on reserve
  • The Circulation Services staff reserve the right to perform processing necessary for placement of materials on Reserve including attachment of barcodes, labels, etc.
  • The staff do their best to protect Reserve materials. However, placement of personal items on Reserve is at the owner's risk. The Library is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • Reserve materials will usually be returned to the faculty member at the end of each quarter.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please call x3682 and ask for a shift supervisor if you have any questions.

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