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Special Collections

Items in CWU Library's Special Collections are housed with archival materials on the second floor of Brooks Library. Special Collections materials may be found by searching OneSearch or by consulting the suggested reading below.

Special Collections materials focus on the eight counties of central Washington state: Benton, Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Kittitas, Klickitat, Okanogan, and Yakima. Special attention is given to Native American populations, early exploration, and pioneer settlement in the central Washington region. Special Collections include the following:

Regional Literature

The CWU Archives and Special Collections specializes in iterature and fiction relating to central Washington, as well as publications by local authors. For suggested reading on the counties of Washington state, see the following guides:

Rare Books

Rare books have been added to the CWU Archives when deemed significant historically, intellectually, or monetarily. Some of these books may be found in the following subject areas:

Central Washington University History

The Central Washington University History collection contains published materials documenting the history of Central and its programs. Materials include college bulletins, yearbooks, institutional histories, and faculty publications. In addition, see the following guide for more on the university's early curriculum:

Children's Literature

The Children's Literature collection contains historic children's books that were originally part of the Curriculum Lab of the Washington State Normal School. See the following for a few examples:

Darwin Goodey Native and Western American Art, Culture, and History

The Darwin Goodey Native and Western American Art, Culture, and History collection consists of books on Native American history, culture and art. It also encompasses published works on 19th-century western American history and art with a strong focus on the Pacific Northwest. See the following guides for examples of this material:

High Mountain Valley Local Authors Collection

The High Mountain Local Authors Collection contains a selection of Central Washington’s unique and noteworthy literary efforts. It includes examples of various literary forms and genres, novels, poetry, history, philosophy, children’s books, romance, fantasy, new age, memoir, and essay.  The arc of the collection is broad and includes examples of academic publishing, mainstream publishing, small-edition-self-published works, mass published works, print-on-demand books in hardback and soft cover, underground literary magazines, and art zines.  For those keenly interested in documenting the history of books and printing, the collection includes a spectrum of printing techniques, letter press, offset, photocopying, linoleum block printing, mimeograph, calligraphy, and more.  The volumes in the collection were gathered and donated by Jampa Dorje (Richard Denner) beginning in 2018.


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