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Brooks Library Streaming Policy

The Brooks Library will make every effort to assist faculty in providing students access to streaming content.  Due to funding limitations, the library will only purchase new streaming content and/or rights to support courses that are offered fully online.

Requestor Considerations

Only faculty and staff may request the purchase of streaming video.

Purchase Considerations

Access to streaming content is dependent upon, but not limited to, the following factors:

  • Cost and available funding
  • Availability of streaming rights and format
  • Copyright restrictions
  • Alternative no cost or reduced cost access to similar content
  • Fair Use access to streaming portions of individual titles based upon the 2012 Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries

Request Streaming Video

Only streaming content requests submitted using the official online “Streaming Content Request Form” will be considered for purchase.  The Collection Development Librarian and Instructional Design Librarian will vet requests and process. 

Budget allocations for streaming content will be determined using an annual subject allocation formula based on the following factors:

  1. Number of students in majors
  2. Program type, i.e., majors offered, minors offered, general education requirement
  3. Number of courses offered in the subject area

Request Deadlines

Effective Winter Quarter 2013, streaming requests must be submitted by the following dates to be considered for purchase.  These dates have been selected to coincide with the textbook adoption guidelines of the CWU Wildcat Shop:

  • Winter Quarter: October 15th
  • Spring Quarter: January 15th
  • Summer Quarter: April 1st
  • Fall Quarter: May 1st

Request Streaming Video

For more in information or assistance, please contact Geri Hopkins at, or (509) 963-1925.

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