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  • ebsco ebooks
    eBooks Mobile App from Ebsco

    The EBSCO eBooks app enables you to download EBSCO eBooks from your eBook collection to your mobile device, seamlessly. Enjoy eBooks on your phones and tablets, and access them anytime, anywhere.

    Q. How do I download the EBSCO eBooks app?

    The EBSCO eBooks app is available for:

    iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) from the iTunes app store
    Android devices from Google Play

    EBSCO eBooks User Guide

  • Learn how to write in APA style and format

    In LIS 345, Research Methods and Information Literacy, you can learn how to write a research proposal in APA (American Psychological Association) Style. If you are in the Social Sciences, ITAM or even Law & Justice, chances are that you may need to learn the APA style.

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  • Interested in the Libraries as a career?

    Get your minor or certificate in Library & Information Science right here at CWU! Whether you like people or technology better, the library and information profession has a place for you!

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    Occupational Outlook

  • Just need 1 credit? LIS 110 fits the bill!

    Learn how to use the library catalog and databases, and how to identify fake news in LIS 110 Research Fundamentals.  Register today using the drop down menu for Library Science.

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