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What Is Streaming Video?

Streaming refers to the delivery method of the video rather than to the video itself. To stream video, the vendor provides a continuous connection between your computer and the server from which the video streams; no downloading is involved. YouTube is an example of public streaming video.

Why use Streaming Video for your courses?

Because no downloading is involved, students and faculty can save hard drive memory for other uses, they can jump to any point in a streaming video without waiting for a certain part to download, faculty save Canvas Course space for other design concerns, and the process is more secure because users will have to log in first with their MyCWU information in order to to view the link to the streaming file.

Currently there are two methods of obtaining licensed Streaming Video from the Brooks Library:

  • Request Individual Streaming Titles To Be Purchased By Brooks Library - If purchased, the video will be made available through OneSearch, the Library Catalog via hyperlink.
  • Database Vendor - Library provides a proxy server link which allows the user to view the stream directly from the vendor.

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