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Brooks Library is committed to Central Washington University’s mission to “extend the reach of its educational programs” by proactively implementing information literacy initiatives on campus. The mission of the University Libraries is to “provide quality resources and innovative services to stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity, and to facilitate lifelong learning and research within the communities we serve.”[1] Information literacy is a component of this mission and the libraries embrace the information literacy definition set forth by the Association of College and Research Libraries:


Information literacy is the set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery of information, the understanding of how information is produced and valued, and the use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning.[2]


The goal of Brooks Library’s information literacy instruction is to assist students in understanding how to access, use, and create information. Our aim is to assist students during their time at Central Washington University, but also develop a foundation for students as they transition into being information literate citizens beyond their time at Central.   

Curriculum Goals

  • To culture digital citizenship in students and explain why information integrity matters
  • To foster critical thinking in students as they evaluate resources and their contributions to a discipline or topic
  • To assist students in developing research skills to be used in the classroom and their daily life
  • To expose students to different search strategies that will inform their research
  • To assist students in understanding the differences between information sources and what gives them authority
  • To guide students in experimenting with various approaches to evaluating information and be able to apply it to their daily information uses
  • To introduce students to various published formats in order to know when to privilege information from one format over another
  • To understand that format and method of access are separate entities
  • To clarify the research process and the necessary information resources required along the way
  • To enable students to recognize the importance of selecting authoritative informaiton sources
  • To explain the importance of discipline-specific citation requirements
  • To clarify the meaning and implications of intellectual property in the United States


Instruction sessions are offered at Brooks Library upon request from faculty and campus groups. Sessions are tailored to accommodate the unique requests and needs of the requesting party and we are happy to work with you individually.


Contact your department liaison to set up an instruction session. Or if you’re not sure who your liaison is, request an instruction session here.


We hope to see you and your class soon!



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