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Brooks Library Research Guides: Asia/Pacific Studies
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Brooks Library Research Guides: Asia/Pacific Studies

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New & Improved!
The new & improved Asia/Pacific Studies Research Guide is now available.  The new url is; in a few weeks the 'Research Guides' link on the Brooks Library webpage will be updated to link to our new Libguides, but since this guide is ready now I am announcing it here now.  Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions for improvements or additions.

Important Plot Point: Lots of libraries across the country use 'libguides'.  A nifty trick for finding more out about a subject is to Google 'libguide' and your subject term.  There probably is a librarian somewhere who has written something about that topic on a libguide....
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Atlases & Maps

Atlas of the Pacific Islands
Print Location: Maps Library, 3rd Floor: G2867 .Q3 2003
Some bullet points that the publishers used to describe the Atlas of the Pacific Islands:
- Up-to-date and accurate full-color maps for every Pacific nation and territory and base maps on Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas
- High-quality color photographs and graphic data displays covering agriculture, climate, fishing, independence movements, indigenous peoples, land use and conservation, mining, ocean currents, population distribution, topography, tourism, and urbanization
- Tables of Pacific and world statistics that include capital cities, areas, time zones, populations, life expectancies, primary students per teacher, persons per doctor, and literacy rates
- High-interest case studies
- Clear guides to using the atlas effectively
- A gazetteer and a glossary

Global GIS database. Digital atlas of South Asia
Print Location: Docs Discs, 3rd Floor, I 19.121:62-C

This CD-ROM contains a 2001 digital atlas of the countries of South Asia at a nominal scale of 1:1 million, intended to be used as regional-scale reference and analytical tool.  GIS software is included, or the contents may be viewed with ESRI's ArcView software.  Customized ArcView tools, specifically designed to make the atlas easier to use, are also included   System requirements: a standard PC with a Pentium microprocessor; 24 MB of RAM (64 MB recommended) and 34 MB of hard disk space (600 MB recommended); Windows NT 4, 2000, or 95/98/ME; ArcView Data Publisher 3.1; and a Web browser.

Oxford Reference Online: Maps Restricted Resource Resource contains images

This title now includes over 775 maps, with locator, physical and political maps for each country, over 120 island maps, state maps for North America, Canada, and Mexico, and more than 100 city maps. It is part of a suite of reference materials available through the subscription database Oxford Reference Online.

For digital collections of original maps, see also the research guide section "Images Online & in Databases."

ECAI Cultural Atlas Portal Resource contains images Some full text available

The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative is an ongoing attempt to make virtual collections of scholarly data from around the globe accessible through a common interface.  The ECAI Cultural Atlas Portal includes cultural atlases and other material created by a number of ECAI affiliates and includes information on the history, religion, ethnography and languages of various places on Earth.  The atlas portal is searchable by region, country or cities.  This site is a good place to look at when you are thinking of a topic or trying to think of a different angle on a topic because of the cross-discipline nature of its information.

Satellite image atlas of glaciers of the world. Asia

This Glaciers of Asia Series is a 398 page online map resource that is broken up into ten pdf files: Asia (front pages), Russia, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, PaleoRecord, and a pdf of the covers (a lovely aerial shot of some glaciers).

Cultural Atlas of China
Print Location: Third Floor, DS721 .B56 1998

This volume contains thorough discussions of China's natural environment, art, politics, society, language, writing, religion, medicine, mathematics, ceramics, music, theater, farming and food, and family life.  Special features on Taiwan, the Chinese Diaspora, and the Three Gorges Dam project are included.  Numerous maps and photographs.  Includes bibliographical references (p. 228-231) and an index.

The Subject Term for this book is "China -- Civilization", which points to 103 of the other books that we have about Chinese Civilization.

Intute: World Guide

A series of guides for over 270 countries and territories. These include features, demographics, geography data, interactive world maps, satellite photosscrollable city images, and links to resources about each country within the Intute database. You can even compare data between countries. You may go straight to the entry for a specific country via the dropdown menu, or you can search for satellite images and features by keyword.

The Conservation Atlas of tropical forests: Asia and the Pacific
Print Location: Third Floor, G2201 K3 C6 1991
This 1991 atlas is now twenty years out of date, but it includes bibliographical references, a glossary and an index - characteristics that maintain it as a good starting point for studying the conservation of tropical forests in Asia and the Pacific.  After looking through this atlas for some basic information you might try CQ Researcher, Tropical Forest Update, and Greenfile for some more recent information.

World Atlas of mangroves

This "e-book atlas" provides a truly global assessment of the state of the world's mangroves - an important tree species in much of the Asia/Pacific area.  Written with support from top international researchers and conservation organizations, the atlas contains 60 full-page maps in full colour , hundreds of photographs and illustrations and a comprehensive country-by-country assessment of mangroves.  Mangroves are considered both ecologically and from a human perspective.  Initial chapters provide a global view, with information on distribution, biogeography, productivity and wider ecology, as well as on human uses, economic values, threats, and approaches for mangrove management.  These themes are revisited throughout the regional chapters, with maps providing a spatial context for further exploration.

The book - published in 2010 - also presents a wealth of statistics on biodiversity, habitat area, loss and economic value which provide a unique record of mangroves against which future threats and changes can be evaluated. Case-studies, written by regional experts, provide insights into regional mangrove issues, including primary and potential productivity, biodiversity, and information on present and traditional uses and values and sustainable management.

Cattrax has 59 additional entries under the subject-term 'Mangrove', and many of those entries have additional subject-terms that will lead you to additional useful information.


OpenStreetMap is a free worldwide map created by more than half a million volunteers around the globe.  You may use the export tab to download a map (in a variety of formats), or you can download the data that composes the map and use it in a variety of ways under OpenStreetMap's Open Database License.  Other nifty options include the OpenStreetMapBrowser, some ever-improving OpenStreetMap Services, and additional printing options for when the export tab is not enough.

Because OpenStreetMap is created and maintained by people like you, you can Create a User Account and help improve the map (a Help Forum is available).

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
Print Location: Reference 1st Floor, DS4 .E53 2002
The Encyclopedia of Modern Asia uses a comparative cross-cultural approach to examine the similarities and differences among Asian nations and religions and all aspects of modern Asia (economics, religion, technology, politics, education, the arts, environmental issues, international relations, and scientific advances). More than 2,600 entries, ranging from 200 to 4,000 words, from hundreds of contributors, express the diversity of modern Asia from a variety of Asian perspectives while also providing Western viewpoints. The focus is on twentieth-century Asia and on earlier people and events whose impact remains important. The editors define Asia as extending from Japan in the east to Turkey in the west, and from Kazakhstan in the north to Indonesia in the south. Thirty-three nations are covered in depth.

Among the entries are countries, cities, regions, natural features, religions, social issues, languages, people, events, customs, and grown and manufactured products. The primary coverage of countries and regions is broken down into consecutive entries. The numerous entries on regional relations and, in many cases, relations with the U.S. are a valuable feature of the encyclopedia. Relevant entries scattered throughout the set can be located using the "Reader's Guide," a table of contents organized first by five major subregions of Asia, then by topic, and then by country. Each entry is followed by a list for further reading. Supplementing the entries are some 1,300 black-and-white illustrations, sidebars, and tables; 90 maps; regional and topical outlines; and, in volume 6, a 230-page index. Sidebars add an interesting mix of content, including excerpts from primary source documents such as literary or religious texts, preambles to national constitutions, and travelers' accounts.

Cambridge Encyclopedia of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives
Print Location: Third Floor, DS334.9 C36 1989
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives provides a comprehensive study of South Asia that analyzes the riches of the past and the problems and achievements of the present in their global context. The South Asian region, comprising the present day states of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives, has long been significant in human affairs. Today more than one out of every five members of the human race lives in the region. This fifth of mankind includes enormous diversity: every level of human development from stone-age tribesmen to high-tech billionaires; many levels of wealth from mass poverty to middle class consumerism and beyond; the believers of seven major religions; three branches of the human species; and the speakers of languages from two major families – all covered at least briefly in this volume. The encyclopedia is richly illustrated with many photographs, maps, and tables closely interwoven with the text.

East Asia and the United States: an Encyclopedia of Relations Since 1784
Print Location: Third Floor, DS518.8 .E22 2002
This two-volume encyclopedia describes the United States' response to diplomatic, economic, military, political, and cultural developments in East Asia from 1784 to 2001.  Focusing particularly on China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, the encyclopedia also provides solid coverage of Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Micronesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan.

The articles are brief (from around one-half to two pages) but thorough, giving the reader a quick look at the particular topic.  The entries cover most of the significant people, controversies, conflicts, and agreements of the past two centuries germane to U.S. relations with East Asia.

The text focuses on diplomacy, economics, and politics, although there is also some coverage of military and cultural affairs.  Individual entries reflect the most current thinking and recent research, and include sources of additional information.  Cross-references and a name index, along with a subject index, make it easy to locate needed information.  The extensive bibliography is divided into subject areas and includes numerous sources in languages other than English.  Both volumes contain several maps of the region as well as a chronology.

Pinyin spelling of Chinese names and places is used, so names familiar to U.S. readers (Chiang Kai-shek, Sun Yat-sen) are rendered in different spellings (Jiang Jieshi and Sun Zhongshan).


Encyclopedia of the Korean War: A Political, Social, and Military History
Print Location: Third Floor, DS918 .E53 2000
The three volumes of the Encyclopedia of the Korean War chronicle the political, social, and military history, of this ‘forgotten war’. The encyclopedia uses an A-Z format complemented with a broad selection of maps, primary source documents, and additional supporting materials, including many illustrations and a detailed time line. The contributors are experts with military and academic backgrounds (a number of them Korean), and the introduction is written by John S. D. Eisenhower.

The typical entry is one to three pages, mixed with many longer entries. The encyclopedia goes beyond the military and political events directly associated with the conflict and examines the social and political climate of the time in thought-provoking articles. Essential information surrounding the war's battles, military and political leaders, combat equipment and techniques, and political events is well covered and often discussed in detail. Each entry includes a list of references to other materials and cross-references to other entries in the encyclopedia.

Volume three offers easy access to 147 primary source documents and additional supporting materials. The documents are presented in chronological order and cover key speeches as well as major reports and agreements. The volume also offers a useful time line, an order of battle, a selected bibliography, and a general index.

Note: we have 54 titles listed under the Subject Term 'Korean War, 1950-1953', with many more titles available through Summit and articles in our databases.  Also, as with all topics, we will also have other useful titles that can be found with other keywords and subject terms.

Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War: A Political, Social, and Military History
Print Location: Third Floor, DS557.7 .E53 1998
The Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War is a large and comprehensive study of one of the most divisive conflicts in U.S. history. This superb reference work provides understanding and perspective on every conceivable aspect of the longest war in U.S. history. Several contributors to this encyclopedia are Vietnamese and provide a crucial perspective. There are more than 900 alphabetically arranged entries and 149 black-and-white photographs. The first volume contains an alphabetical list of entries, 22 line maps, and entries A-M. The second volume has entries N-Z, bibliographies (nonfiction, literature, and film), a chronology of events, and a glossary. The third volume provides documents, a few statistical tables, and an index. There are more than 200 primary documents, from "Ho Chi Minh's Speech at the Tours Congress" (1922) to "Remarks by President Clinton in Announcement of Normalization of Diplomatic Relations with Vietnam" (1995).

The double-column entries are all signed, and each includes references for further reading, as well as ‘see also references’. The articles range from a paragraph to several pages in length. They include prewar Vietnamese history, biographies, places, specific military operations, details of weapons systems, orders of battle (including the military units of all participants), involvement of France (both pre-and post-World War II) and other nations, and the war's impact on U.S. domestic life. This work includes extensive entries on Vietnamese leaders, including those from earlier centuries, and it provides a sense of the diverse peoples of Vietnam and how the country's specific conditions affected the war. Several biographies of U.S. leaders mention early caution signals that were not heeded.

The work is exceptionally balanced in discussing the manipulation of information by U.S. military and political leaders, the U.S. antiwar movement, and failures in South Vietnam's leadership. Defoliation, changing U.S. strategies, posttraumatic stress disorder, veterans' groups, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the war and the arts, the war’s many operations, and the contributions of African Americans and women are discussed in detail. The entries are current, including events as recent as the March 1998 honor to a U.S. helicopter crew for stopping and reporting the My Lai massacre, and the April 1998 death of Pol Pot in Cambodia. The bibliographies (nonfiction, literature, and film) are extensive, and the 37-page chronology of events begins in 2879 B.C. and continues almost daily until April 30, 1975. The index is a detailed 100-pages.

The Subject Term 'Vietnam War, 1961-1975' leads to 142 other volumes and government documents, with, as always, more information available through Summit and our databases.

Historical dictionary of Vietnam
Print Location: Third Floor, DS556.25 D85 1989
This edition of the Historical Dictionary of Vietnam provides an introduction to and broad survey of Vietnam, its history, politics, and culture up to early 1989.

[Doing a Cattrax Search for the Subject Term "Vietnam -- History" returns a list of 130 entries.  Searching for the same Subject Term in Summet (where you have access to the collections of 37 colleges and universities) produces a list of 66,536 entries.  Trust me, the information is out there....consult with one of our learned librarians for additional clues!]

Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Asia and Oceania
Print Location: Third Floor, GN625 .W47 2009
The Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Asia and Oceania is a two-volume A-to-Z reference on the peoples of the Pacific and of Asia east of the Caspian Sea (not including the countries of the Middle East).  More than 400 entries cover the major peoples of the area—from ancient to modern times—describing their history, migrations, cultures, belief systems, social organizations, and relationships with other peoples.  Entries on all large or well-known groups include information on geography, origins, languages, history, and culture.  Subsections cover such topics as subsistence, religion, social and political structures, economy, government, military practices, dwellings and architecture, clothing, transportation, technology, art, music, and literature.  The second volume includes seven appendixes: a list of contemporary groups by country; a separate listing of historical peoples; a list of the biographical sidebars; essays, on religion, kinship, and subsistence systems; and a chronology of Asian and Oceanic history.  Also found in volume 2 are an excellent index and an extensive bibliography.

Aboriginal Australians, Acehnese, Armenians, Bactrians, Bengalis, Dravidians, Durranis, East Timorese, Fijians, Filipinos, Han, Harappans, Hawaiians, Hmong, Indo-Aryans, Indo-Fijians, Indonesians, Japanese, Kiribatese, Kyrgyz, Maldivians, Manchus, Micronesians, Persians, Sassanids, Polynesians, Punjabis, Rapanui, Rroma, Russians, Asian, Samoans, Scythians, Taiwanese, Tajiks, Turkmenistanis, Uighur, Uzbekistanis, Vietnamese, Yangshao, Zhuang, and other groups are included in the encyclopedia (an excellent explanation of which groups were selected and which were excluded can be found at the beginning of the first volume and is one of several indicators of the thoughtful and detailed work that went into the encyclopedia).  More than 60 nationality entries define people by their citizenship rather than language or ethnicity and discuss cultural identity and the formation of the nation.

Historical dictionary of Australia Restricted Resource
The Historical Dictionary of Australia is an introduction to Australia and its history, tracing the history of the continent from the first human settlement approximately 80,000 years ago through the late 1990s, in 371 cross-referenced entries.  Infused with the firm conviction that Australian history has something important and useful to say to the world at large this second edition places Australia in an international context.  One of this work's most significant features--and an important contribution to the literature on Australia--is its extensive, analytical, and up-to-date bibliography with over 1,000 items.  Maps and a dozen statistical tables are included.

[Note: A paper copy of the earlier edition can be found in Reference/ARC on the First Floor.]

Oxford Illustrated Dictionary of Australian History
Print Location: Reference, 1st Floor: DU90 B39 1993
The Oxford illustrated dictionary of Australian history has entries, illustrated with a wide range of maps, photographs, and cartoons, on the major people, events, places, institutions, ideas, artifacts, and documents that have shaped Australian history from prehistory to the 1990s.  Also included is a look at international events in which Australia played a part.  Among the questions addressed in this volume are:
  • Why were the 'Swing' rioters transported to Australia?
  • Where was evidence of the earliest known example of cremation in the world found?
  • Who were the members of the "Three Elevens? (Caution: the answer involves the game 'Cricket')
  • How did the Angry Penguins acquire their name?  (And what was their connection to one of Australia's greatest poets - Ern Malley?)
Additional information on Australian history can be found here.

"a history of the New Zealanders"
Print Location: Third Floor, DU420 .B45
Making peoples: a history of the New Zealanders, from Polynesian settlement to the end of the nineteenth century
The first of two volumes, Making Peoples begins with the Polynesian settlement of New Zealand in the eleventh century and their development into the Maori tribes. It traces the great encounter between the Maori and Europeans from 1642 to 1916, including the foundation of the Pakeha, the neo-Europeans of New Zealand, between the 1830s and the 1880s. It describes the forging of a neo-Polynesia and a neo-Britain and the traumatic interaction between them. The myths and realities that drove the colonization process are examined and a new "living" version of one of the most critical and controversial documents in New Zealand history, the Treaty of Waitangi, is suggested. The construction of peoples, Maori and Pakeha, is a recurring theme: the response of each to the great shift from extractive to sustainable economics; their relationship with their Hawaikis, or ancestors, with each other, and with myth.

Paradise Reforged: a history of the New Zealanders from the 1880s to the year 2000.
Paradise Reforged picks up where Making Peoples left off, taking the story of the New Zealanders from the 1880s to the end of the twentieth century. This volume begins with the search for a "Better Britain" and ends by analyzing the modern Maori resurgence, the new Pakeha consciousness, and the implications of a reinterpreted past for New Zealand's future. Along the way the book deals with subjects ranging from sport and sex to childhood and popular culture. Paradise Reforged, like its predecessor, contains incisive and original analysis of New Zealand history, vigorously confronting the myths of the past. That some of its themes are uncomfortably close to the present makes the result all the more fascinating.

Historical Dictionary of Polynesia
Print Location: Third Floor, DU510 C73 1993
The Historical Dictionary of Polynesia contains valuable historical reference data for the 14 Pacific Island states: American Samoa, the Cook Islands, Easter Island, French Polynesia, Hawai'i, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Pitcairn, Samoa, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Wallis and Futuna. Entries include articles about prominent personalities, treaties, institutions, organizations, political parties, and other subject matter that complement the general histories. The volume includes a list of acronyms and abbreviations, a chronology (1300 BCE to 1992 CE), a list of island names, their rulers and administrators, and a bibliography.

Pacific Asia; a political atlas
Print Location: Third Floor, E744 H43 no.66
This 1947 book is a good one to look at if you are interested in how things have changed over the last 65 years (and understanding the past is a necessary prerequisite for understanding the present).

The Subject Term for this text is "East Asia -- Politics and government", which leads you to 55 other potentially useful titles.....  This book is also part of the Headline Books (an imprint later changed to Headline Series) and published by the Foreign Policy Association.  We have a number of their titles in our collection because of their value for understanding historical events, and several of those titles are concerned with Asia and the Pacific.

The Pacific Islands: An Encyclopedia
Print Location: Reference, 1st Floor: DU17 .P3 2000
The Pacific Islands: An Encyclopedia brings together in one place information on major aspects of Pacific island life (the physical environment, peoples, history, politics, economy, society, and culture).  This authoritative reference book and accompanying CD-ROM provide easy-to-access information about all the islands and island countries of the Pacific.  Its comprehensive range of detail includes maps, graphs, hundreds of photographs, and more than 200 brief biographies.  The Pacific Islands is organized by broad subject areas to avoid the fragmentation that arises from an alphabetical arrangement and to furnish readers with more richly contextualized information.  The CD-ROM version of the encyclopedia allows readers to explore via hyperlinks between cross-referenced sections, a library of all of the maps reproduced in the encyclopedia, and a photo library.  The detailed table-of-contents is available in the bibliographic record for this book and offers ample evidence that something in this volume is of interest to you.

Historical dictionary of Azerbaijan Restricted Resource
The Historical Dictionary of Azerbaijan is an annotated chronology of the domination of strategically located Azerbaijan by non-Azeris.  The most recent ruler of Azerbaijan was the USSR, but Azerbaijan has a history of foreign occupations that dates to Alexander the Great.  With the recent breakup of the USSR the long-preserved Azeri national identity can once again assert itself as an independent Azerbaijan.  Azeris are united by their language (Azeri), by Islam, and by a common history.  However, since the Russian conquest of northern Azerbaijan in the first half of the nineteenth century, Azerbaijan has been a divided land with cultural boundaries that stretch beyond the geopolitical ones (a large portion of what was once Azerbaijan is currently part of Iran, and more Azerbaijanis live within Iran (in Iranian Azerbaijan) than in the independent Republic of Azerbaijan).

The contemporary history of Azerbaijan is a complicated story.  There is an on-going conflict with neighboring Armenia that shapes not only foreign policy and relations, but the domestic politics of the nation.  Those politics have been further complicated by Western interest in Azerbaijani off-shore oil deposits.  Given its history, Azerbaijan is not the easiest country to describe.  This historical dictionary does an excellent job despite the difficulties, providing entries on persons, institutions and events, with emphasis on both recent periods and with a view of the earliest history.  There are entries on the important aspects of the economy, society, religion and culture.  An introduction provides a useful context and a helpful chronology.  A select bibliography of works in English and other languages completes the volume.

Historical dictionary of Bangladesh
This 17 year-old edition of the Historical Dictionary of Bangladesh covers events, persons, institutions, and places from Bangladesh's history (up through early 1996), including eras when it was part of Pakistan, India, and deeper into the past.  A brief narrative history is included, along with lists of rulers, governors, ministers, and other political figures.  A bibliography for further research, organized by subject matter, is appended.

[Notes: A paper copy of the 1989 edition is available on the Third Floor at DS394.5 B39 1989 and can be checked out.  When Searching for historical information about Bangladesh consider also using the term 'East Pakistan'.]

Historical Dictionary of India
Print Location: Third Floor, DS405 .M27 1996
The Historical Dictionary of India is an introduction to Indian history and civilization. [The Historical Dictionary of India is also available as an ebook.]  The 511 pages contain many brief entries describing the culture, events, geography history, institutions, issues, parties, people, places, politics, religions, and other aspects of this fascinating region. Coverage begins with the Indus Valley civilization of around 2700-1500 BCE and continues through 1994 CE.

The democratic nature of modern India, and rising stature as a global economic power, is emphasized. The diversity of India’s huge but slowing-in-growth-rate population is also thoroughly covered. This volume includes maps, a chronology, glossary, appendices relating to colonial and independent India, and an extensive bibliography.

[Note: In Cattrax the Subject Terms "India -- History" bring up 272 other entries.  In Summit "India -- History" brings up 752,106 entries.  And there is still more information in our databases.  One way or another the information you need is available, and our Librarians are here to help you access it!]

Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy: Sanskrit Terms Defined in English
Print Location: Third Floor, B131 G67 1989
The Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy is an English language introduction to terms used in Indian philosophy and religion, including the schools of Buddhism, Jainism, Carvaka, Nyaya, Vaisesika, Sankhya, Yoga, Mimamsa, Vedanta, Saiva Siddhanta, Vira Saivism, Kashmir Saivism and Sivadvaita.  Alphabetically arranged, according to the English equivalent of the Sanskrit term, this text provides the devanagari script as well as a general translation and the technical uses by various religious traditions.  A cross-referencing of ideas, 14 charts of categories and sources for the major philosophical systems (though not a complete bibliography) and guides to pronunciation and transliteration are included.

Southeast Asia: a historical encyclopedia, from Angkor Wat to East Timor
Print Location: Reference 1st Floor, DS524 .S68 2004

Southeast Asia is a three-volume encyclopedia with in-depth, historical coverage of each country in the region from prehistoric times to the end of the 20th century.  The encyclopedia was compiled by a group of writers that represent a wide range of expertise from around the world; they focus on Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Some articles also cover the influence that China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan have had on the region.

The introduction is a well-written and concise history of Southeast Asia.  The 800 articles range in length from 300 to 3,000 words, and each has cross-references and a list of bibliographic references.  In addition to entries for each country, there are entries on events, organizations, and individuals, and on topics from folklore, geography, war, and religion, among other subject areas.  There is strong coverage of the Dutch, British, and Portuguese colonial presence in the region.  Economic, social, and political transformations are explained in depth.  Each entry is credited, and the contributors are listed in an appendix with their university or corporate affiliation.  In the last volume there are maps, country fact tables, a topical list of entries, a chronology organized by country, a bibliography of more than 70 pages, and a thorough index.  This encyclopedia is highly recommended for the broad coverage and generally easy-to--understand articles.


Historical Dictionary of Iraq
Print Location: Third Floor, DS 70.9 G47 2004
The Historical Dictionary of Iraq covers topics from ancient Mesopotamia to 2003 invasion by the US and its allies. This 459 page volume is limited in depth but provides a broad coverage of people, events, culture, organizations, institutions, and more throughout the long history of the region. (One problem with a title like this is that it is out-of-date as soon as it is published, especially given the fast pace of events in Iraq, please cross-check the later entries with more recent sources.) The volume also covers many historic figures, including Hamurabi, Ottoman rulers, numerous scholars, and religious figures. Entries on Assyrians and Chaldeans, as well as Kurds, give an idea of the breadth of the Iraqi citizenry. A map of the numerous historic tribes of Iraq is helpful in understanding many of the recent disputes. A helpful chronology of Iraqi history, a collection of United Nations Security Council resolutions of Iraq, and a listing of all members of Iraqi cabinets since 1920, as well as an extensive bibliography for further reading are provided.

[Note: In Cattrax the Subject Terms "Iraq -- History" bring up 93 other entries. In Summit "Iraq -- History" brings up 48,131 entries. And there is still more information in our databases.]

Encyclopedia of Mongolia and the Mongol Empire
Print Location: Third Floor: DS798.4 .A88 2004
The Encyclopedia of Mongolia and the Mongol Empire provides accurate and readable entries on all aspects of the turbulent history and rich culture of the Mongols.  While particular emphasis is placed on the Mongol Empire, entries cover the country's entire history and range from geography to culture and religion to personalities, battles, daily life, and folklore.  Topics include the Altaic language family, Confucianism, the modern economy, the Golden Horde, foreign relations, matrilineal clans, the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, shamanism, and the yurt.  Major entries are accompanied by a further reading list that guides readers to selected resources for more in-depth research.

The encyclopedia makes a sound case for the enormous influence of Mongolian civilization on the history of the Far East, the Indian subcontinent, and Eastern Europe.  The introduction includes a guide to pronunciation, a real necessity.  The volume ends with a list of rulers and leaders of Mongolia and the Mongol Empire; a detailed chronology of events from 209 B.C.E. to 2003 C.E.; a general bibliography; and a comprehensive, accurate index.  Seventeen maps and 78 black-and-white illustrations are well placed and serve to extend and clarify the text.  This volume is a great first stop for research on Mongolia as well as a valuable reference for those wishing to expand their knowledge of the region, its history, and culture.

Additional information on Mongols and Mongolia is available under the Subject-Terms 'Mongol' or 'Mongolia' and in our databases.  This title is one of the 16 volumes we have of the "Facts on File library of world history".

Historical dictionary of modern China (1800-1949)
Print Location: Third Floor, DS755 .G368 2009
The Historical Dictionary of Modern China (1800-1949) offers a concise and comprehensive survey of the political, military, economic, social, and cultural development of modern China. This reference covers a variety of significant persons, including women and ethnic minorities; new historical concepts; cultural and educational institutions; and economic activities. Drawing on newly-available records, including many governmental and family archives, the narratives reveal new facts; offer a new interpretation of China's modernization process during the late Qing period, and a revisionist perspective on the history of the Chinese Republic.

The heart of the dictionary is the 451-page A-Z section beginning with entries on the AB League (Anti-Bolshevik League) and ending with the late Qing dynasty statesman Zuo Zongtang (1812-1885). In between are hundreds of entries on movements, policies, slogans, committees and councils, battles and wars, universities, and many other categories. Biographical entries are numerous and include military and political leaders, journalists and other writers, educators, and missionaries. A list of acronyms and abbreviations and a useful chronology are included, as well as appendices identifying leaders, universities, and newspapers and journals and comparing a variety of economic and industrial statistics. The chronology records political and military events in addition to other experiences of the Chinese people. The bibliography gives prominence to current literature on China's current modernization and appendixes provide the reader with detailed information on China's cultural and economic transformation.

Modern China: a Guide to a Century of Change
Print Location: Third Floor, DS774 .H796 2001
Modern China: a Guide to a Century of Change  [editing in progress] While the title doesn't give it away, this is actually a dictionary of sorts, with maps, illustrations and a chronology (1900-2000). Also useful is a list of recommended reading on subjects varying from politics, the military, and economics, to culture and society, the environment and regions.

In the new millennium all eyes are on China, which many believe has the potential in the near future to rise to world prominence as a political leader and an economic powerhouse. Yet several aspects of Chinese society remain an obstacle to internal growth and of deep concern to the outside world. In Modern China Graham Hutchings offers a timely and useful reference guide to the people, places, ideas, and events crucial to an understanding of this rising power. The focus is on society and politics and their impact on both China and the world. After an introduction that discusses key themes in twentieth-century China, Hutchings provides over two hundred insightful short essays, arranged alphabetically, that cover central figures and events from Sun Yat-sen to Jiang Zemin and the Boxer Rebellion to Tiananmen Square. Included are separate entries on each province, the current political leadership, and the two colonies recently returned to Chinese control, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as trenchant essays on subjects that remain sensitive within and controversial outside China, such as religion, ethnic minorities, Tibet, Taiwan, and human rights. Accessible and authoritative, Modern China is invaluable for anyone interested in the transformation of this ancient land into a modern power.

Some Chinese-English & English-Chinese Dictionaries
Print Location: PL 1455
Title: The Oxford Starter Chinese Dictionary
Reference 1st Floor, PL1455 .O925 2000
Note: Includes index
Subject Terms: Chinese language -- Dictionaries – English, English language -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
This dictionary is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to Chinese.  It covers all the vocabulary learners will need in their first years of study and gives unique guidance to the grammar and usage of the language.  This dictionary features color headwords and translations; no confusing abbreviations; and warning symbols show potential problem areas.  It includes thousands of example phrases drawn from real-life situations and full romanization of the Chinese text with Chinese script following in simplified characters.  It also offers a guide on how to write Chinese characters and provides full guidance on the pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese.  Word patterns and constructions from language areas such as dates and telling time are grouped together to show similarities and differences.

Title: The Facts on File English/Chinese visual dictionary: look up the word from the picture, find the picture from the word
Reference 1st Floor, PL1455 C675 1988
Note: Includes indexes and bibliography.
Subject Terms: English language -- Dictionaries – Chinese, Chinese language -- Dictionaries – English, Picture dictionaries, Chinese, Picture dictionaries, English
This illustrated dictionary is organized according to 28 broad subject areas and contains the Chinese equivalents of over 25,000 English-language terms.  This dictionary is particularly valuable to language teachers and students.  A bilingual index offers a quick and easy correlation of words and visuals in both languages.

Title: The right word in Chinese [Hànyu zhinán]
4th Floor, PL1455 S28 1986
Subject Term: English language -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
The Right Word in Chinese is a quick reference for both everyday and specialized vocabularies.  It is a good companion for business people and tourists visiting China or for people who need to refresh their memory.

Title: A syllabic dictionary of the Chinese language arranged according to the Wu-fang yüan yin, and alphabetically rearranged according to the romanization of Sir Thomas F. Wade, by a committee of the North China mission of the American board.
4th Floor, PL1455 W5
Subject Terms: Chinese language -- Dictionaries – English, Chinese language -- Syllabication -- Dictionaries – English

Title: An English-Chinese dictionary of Peking colloquial
4th Floor, PL1455 H5
Note: Pages iv and v are incorrectly numbered ii and iii
Subject Terms: Chinese language -- Dictionaries -- English, English language -- Dictionaries – Chinese, Chinese language -- Dialects -- China – Beijing

MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary
The free MDBG online Chinese-language learning site includes a powerful online Chinese-English dictionary that accepts English, pinyin (transliterated Roman), and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters (to search using Pinyin directly from the main search box enter the prefix “p:” before entering the Pinyin).   Dictionary search results feature audio pronunciation, Pinyin, Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions, radicals, stroke order, and links to online flash cards that you can flip through to learn new characters.  There are also advanced search options allowing the inclusion or exclusion of certain characters from search results, and also searching in Pinyin.

The character dictionary contains information about single Chinese characters.  Each entry in the character dictionary consists of a Chinese character, radical / stroke count, English definition, Mandarin pinyin pronunciation, Yale & Jyutping Cantonese pronunciation, simplified / traditional variants and cangjie. The radical table contains both traditional and simplified radicals (some radicals appear multiple times due to different stroke count of variants).   Included is a tool for translating a short text fragment from English to Chinese or the other way around.  (Only Chinese characters are accepted for translations from Chinese to English, Mandarin pinyin is not supported – but individual pinyin words can be translated elsewhere on the site).  In addition to translating the text, a word dictionary lookup is also performed to help you to verify if the translation is correct.  (And a tool to convert the digital encoding of Chinese Characters.)

The practice section of MDBG has three features: Web Feeds, Character Quizzes, and Flash Cards. The Flash Cards feature allows the automatic creation of cards from a passage of text, or you can use the standard HSK word lists. The Character Quiz section of MDBG displays a list of words one at a time, first testing your pronunciation and then testing if you know the meaning of the word – if you have lists of words to learn for an exam then this is an essential tool. The Vocabulary Web Feed delivers Chinese vocabulary daily.  A 'mobile device' version of this site is also available.

New Kabuki Encyclopedia
Print Location: 4th Floor, PN 2924.5 K3 L44 1997
The New Kabuki Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive guide to Japan's fascinating kabuki theatre in any language other than Japanese.  A lengthy and detailed index, thorough cross-referencing, expansive descriptions of plays, an extensive bibliography of English-language and Japanese sources, are all included.  A major feature is the inclusion of Japanese characters for all main entry terms, titles, and names.  The entries are arranged alphabetically, and the volume's appendices include a chronological table of kabuki history, a list of all major or formal play titles, a list of all variant or popular titles, genealogical charts, and a list of all major actors' stage nicknames (yago) currently in use.

Modern Japan: an Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Nationalism
Print Location: Third Floor, DS805 .M63 1998
Modern Japan: an encyclopedia of history, culture, and nationalism begins its coverage in 1853, the year of Commodore Perry's arrival in Tokyo Bay, and continues through 1996, the year that Pokémon and the Nintendo 64 video game system were released.  The alphabetically arranged entries provide an overview of the factors that contributed to Japan's recreation of its national identity.  The entries vary in length from one or two paragraphs to several pages, entries cover movements, institutions, events, individuals, places, and concepts related to Japanese nationalistic movements and impulses.  Coverage includes politics, the arts, religion, business, education, journalism, and other major social and economic forces, as well as broad topics such as militarism, labor, and censorship.  There are also entries on broader topics such as colonialism, pacifism, and the women's movement.  Brief bibliographies are appended to most entries.  Other features include a chronology (1853 through 1996), a subject list, and an index.

Among the more than 425 entries are many that have penetrated the American consciousness, such as Mishima Yukio, Shinto, sumo, and Tokyo war crimes trials.  But other entries, such as the Cherry Blossom Society, an ultranationalist organization founded in 1930, and Nikuson Shokku (Nixon shocks), "a series of episodes in 1971 in which U.S. President Nixon shocked the Japanese by taking unilateral actions on matters affecting both countries", offer insight into less familiar aspects of Japanese history and culture.

As with many entries in a library catalog the bibliographic record for this book has subject terms that can lead you to additional useful books: Nationalism – Japan, Japan – Encyclopedias, and Japan – History.

Some Japanese/ English & English/Japanese Dictionaries
Print Location: PL 679
Title: Basic Japanese-English dictionary [Kiso Nihongo gakush? jiten]
Reference 1st Floor, PL679 .B37 2004
Includes index
Subject Term: Japanese language -- Dictionaries – English
Compact, easy to use, and completely up to date, this basic Japanese–English Dictionary is designed for English-speaking beginners learning Japanese.  This dictionary includes over 3,000 Japanese entries with Japanese compounds and example sentences.  All words and phrases are given in both romanised and Japanese script.  Entries for verb endings and a guide to grammar are included.  Headwords are given in hiragana as well as in kanjior kana.

Title: The original modern reader's Japanese-English character dictionary [Saishin Kan-Ei jiten]
4th Floor, PL679 .N4 1995
Subject Terms: Chinese characters -- Dictionaries – Japanese, Chinese characters -- Dictionaries -- English
This dictionary lists about 5,000 carefully selected characters in their 10,000-odd current readings and almost 70,000 compounds in current use, all with concise English definitions.  The entries have also been scientifically arranged by a logical extension of the traditional radical system to make finding any given character almost foolproof, saving hours of time.

Title: New Shogakukan Random House English-Japanese dictionary [Shogakukan Randamu Hausu Ei-Wa Daijiten Dai]
Reference 1st Floor, PL679 N49 1994
Subject Term: English language -- Dictionaries – Japanese
This dictionary will be most useful for the advanced learned of Japanese.

Title: Kenkyusha's new English-Japanese dictionary [Kenkyusha shin Ei-Wa daijiten]
Reference 1st Floor, PL679 K388 1980
4th Floor, PL679 K388 1980 c.2
4th Floor, PL679 K388 1980 c.3
Subject Term: English language -- Dictionaries -- Japanese

Title: Kenkyusha's new Japanese-English dictionary [Kenkyusha shin Wa-Ei daijiten]
Reference 1st Floor, PL679 K4 1974 c.2
Reference 1st Floor, PL679 K4 1974 c.3
4th Floor, PL679 K4 1974 c.4
Subject Terms: Japanese language -- Dictionaries -- English

Title: Kenkyusha's Lighthouse English-Japanese dictionary [Raitohausu Ei-Wa jiten]
4th Floor, PL679 .K46 1984
Subject Term: English language -- Dictionaries. -- Japanese

Gale Virtual Reference Library Restricted Resource Some full text available

The G.V.R. Library includes, among many others, the following electronic encyclopedias:

Search results in the Gale Virtual Reference Library will include all encyclopedias unless you click on a specific title and use the Quick Search box within the specific title page.

Finding Books

Brooks Library Online Catalog - CATTRAX
Cattrax is the online catalog that describes nearly all the materials held by the Brooks Library: books, government documents, maps, microforms, journals, and other items. Below is everything you may want to know about using Cattrax:

Using Cattrax to find an item in the Brooks Library:
1. Enter a search term--a word, a phrase, whatever--in the search box.

2. Use the drop-down menu to select keyword/word search, title search, subject search, author search, or one of the other options. Click "Search."

3. Results that are "relevant" to your search term will be retrieved. Examine the results. Repeat steps 1 through 3 as needed.

(Note: Information is often described in several different ways. You may need to try a variety of terms before you find ones that produce the best results. And spelling counts.)

4. Find your book/journal/other item. All books are shelved on the 3rd and 4th floors of the main campus library according to Library of Congress subject classification. Books labeled with call numbers between A and J can be found on the 3rd floor, while books classified as K to Z can be found on the fourth floor. All government documents, maps, and microforms can be found on the 3rd floor, and all musical recordings on the 4th floor. Physical journals, magazines, and serials are housed on the 2nd floor, while DVDs, video tapes and films may be found on the 1st floor. Children's books are located on the 4th floor.

More Information about Cattrax:
You can sort your Cattrax search results by relevance, date, or title by clicking on those words below the search box.

Click on a title to see detailed bibliographic information about that item. The bibliographic record or "bib record" will contain additional information about the book/item: the author, location, call number, often a summary, status, subject terms, etc. The bib record will also have a link to a location map, two ways to send the information to your mobile device, a citation tool, and often book cover images.

You can save the bib record to either "My Lists" (requires you to use your Library Log-in) or you can "Save to Bag" and remember to email, save, or print the resulting list of titles before you finish your session with Cattrax.

Once you have saved the useful results from your first search, you can perform more searches--perhaps starting by opening the author link, the subject terms (toward the bottom of the bib record), or the call number in a new browser tab, or by using the search box to start a totally new search.

(Note: If you click "Call #," you can sort search results by something like shelf order, allowing you to browse for books on similar topics. Of course, you may wish to look on the actual physical shelves--discovery happens in many ways.)

Additional Cattrax Information:
The “Request” service, located in the upper left of a bib record page, is only available for Center Campus Students. This is because Center campus students would need to use more than the stairs or the elevator to get a book from Brooks Library. (If you are a main campus student wishing to check out a book in a Center Library, please consult the Circulation Desk.)

The "Modify Search" link at the top of any Cattrax page is almost the same as the "Advanced Search" option. The "Modify Search" option is very useful for narrowing down your list of results. The "Limit/Sort Search" option is a way to narrow your subject, author, or title search results.

If you have the citation for an article, you can search for journal titles by selecting "Journal/Serial Title" in the search options. Using this tool, you can discover if the library has access to print or digital copies of the journal in question. The library often has access to a journal through more than one database. If you do not succeed in locating the journal or article that you need, please consult one of our charming Brooks Library Librarians, or submit a request to our very resourceful Interlibrary Loan Department.

If your professor said that something you needed to read was on "Reserve" (the professor may have said "in the library" or something roughly equivalent), you can locate the item by searching in Cattrax by "Course" or "Prof/TA"--that is, by course or professor's name.

Last but certainly not least, if your item is not available in Cattrax, try requesting it through Summit, the unified catalog of 37 universities and colleges in the Pacific Northwest. If an item is also unavailable through Summit, you may wish to request it by Interlibrary Loan.

Cattrax: Fun with 'Advanced Search'!
Cattrax has both the regular search and an 'advanced search'.  Doing a keyword search or a subject search the 'regular way' often works quite well, but sometimes you want to be a bit more specific, or a bit broader, or both simultaneously.

The 'advanced search' has four boxes that you can type a search term in.  Those four boxes can be combined by the terms 'and', 'and not', 'or', 'near', 'before', and 'after' in the dropdown box to the right of the Search Box.  For searching in Cattrax the 'and', 'and not', and 'or' are probably your best options.  You can also use those terms inside of the search box by placing parenthesis around a term.

For example: I typed 'Asia' in the first box and selected 'Subject' so that everything Cattrax provided me with would have Asia in its Subject Term.  I made sure that the dropdown to the right said 'and' and typed "((handbook) or (guide) or (collection) or (history))" in the next Search Box below.  When I clicked 'submit' the search box above the results list has this "d:(Asia) and ((handbook) or (guide) or (collection) or (history))" written in it and a list of 523 very interesting results below.  Substituting the word 'Oceania' for 'Asia' I ended up with 70 interesting titles.  Substituting "(Polynesia) or (Oceania)" for "Oceania" results in 131 titles.

Advanced Search - the better way to reach for information!

Summit Online Catalog
Summit is the unified library catalog of 37 universities, colleges, and community colleges in the Pacific Northwest. Through Summit you have access to over 9.2 million distinct books, CDs, DVDs, and more (that the Summit unified collection comprises over 28.7 million items virtually assures you of access to a copy of what you want or need). The unified catalog enables you to find and request items owned by any of Summit's member libraries. In general, requested items will arrive after three to five days, so it is important to plan ahead when utilizing Summit.

The Summit Catalog allows you to find not only books, CDs, and DVDs but also journal articles. In order to find an article through Summit, type a keyword, a subject, or an article title in the search box near the top of the Summit page (Advanced Search is also available). Select the "Full text articles" box (next to the Search Box or on the left side of the page). The results will be automatically sorted by "Library & Relevance," but you can also sort by author, title, or date.  Click the title link of the article or the “View Now” or “View Full Text” link to see more of the article and then download a pdf of it. (You can also click “Find It @ Your Library,” select Central Washington University, and find out what access we have to that article here.)

If the article, book, DVD, CD, etc. that you wish or need to acquire appears to be unavailable through Summit please consult one of our talented Help Desk Librarians. It is quite possible that we have access to the article through one of our other databases, or that the book, article, etc., can be gotten through Interlibrary Loan.

WorldCat Restricted Resource
WorldCat is an essential service run by the imaginatively named Online Computer Library Center (OCLC).  OCLC is a nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organization dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing information costs.

WorldCat aspires to be a library catalog for the entire world; it contains all the records cataloged by the more than 72,000 OCLC member libraries around the world.  WorldCat offers millions of bibliographic records and includes records in 400 languages.

The more than 179 million records cataloged by OCLC member libraries include books, manuscripts, websites and internet resources, maps, computer programs, musical scores, films, slides, videotapes, DVDs, newspapers, journals and magazines, sound recordings, articles, chapters, and papers.  The dates covered in WorldCat range from before 1000 BCE to literally earlier today.

The Basic Search is useful when you know precisely what you are looking for.  The Advanced Search is the default search and works well for most everyone.  There is also an Expert Search available in which you can write your own Boolean Search Expressions.

Assistance is available from WorldCat at this link, and from Brooks Librarians at this link.

Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

Academic Search Complete Restricted Resource Resource contains images Some full text available

A scholarly, multi-disciplinary database containing more than 5,300 full-text periodicals, including 4,400 peer-reviewed, scholarly journals, and with indexing and abstracting for more than 9,300 journals.  Academic Search Complete is an EBSCO database, and like most EBSCO databases it includes a "Choose Databases" link near the top of the page that enables you to search multiple EBSCO databases at the same time (an EBSCO multi-disciplinary database that is good to search at the same time as ASC is "MasterFILE Premier").

If the article whose title and abstract you found is not available in the Academic Search Complete database try clicking on "Search for Full Text".  If that option does not provide you with the full-text of the article please consult a librarian or submit an Interlibrary Loan Request.  Many articles are readily available in another database or through Interlibrary Loan and we are here to help you get the information you need!

Business Source Complete [Ebsco] Restricted Resource Some full text available

Ebsco's interdisciplinary business database, Business Source Complete, contains full-text for more than 8,800 journals back to 1965 (or the first issue of that journal published) and the searchable cited references go back as far as 1998 in all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance and economics.  Additional full text, non-journal content includes financial data, case studies, investment research reports, industry reports, market research reports, country reports, company profiles, SWOT analyses, etc.

If you find Business Source Complete useful you may also be interested in EBSCO's "Regional Business News".  Regional Business News contains comprehensive full text coverage for regional business publications and incorporates coverage of 75 business journals, newspapers and newswires from all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.

CQ Researcher Restricted Resource Some full text available

Each week CQ Researcher explores in depth a single "hot issue in the news”.  The topics range from social and teen issues to environment, health, education, science, technology, and more.  There are 44 reports produced each year, including four expanded reports.  Access is available online for issues back to 1991.  Each 12,000-word CQ Researcher report can be read in its entirety or by section, each report includes a background and chronology, an assessment of the current situation, tables and maps, pro/con statements from representatives of opposing positions, and bibliographies of key sources.

CQ Researcher is an excellent database to look in when you are ‘looking for a clue’.  The extensive bibliography each article provides serves as a wonderful way to find more information about your topic.

Bibliography of Asian Studies Restricted Resource
As of 10/19/2012 this on-line version of the Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) contains 787,165 records on all subjects (especially in the humanities and social sciences) pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia, published worldwide from 1971 to the present.  New records are added frequently.  This online BAS includes the full data of all of the printed volumes of the BAS as well as entries compiled since 1997.  The most important 100+ periodicals in Asian Studies, as identified by the BAS staff, are indexed as immediately as possible, but the total number of indexed journals is many times that amount; full information about the years of coverage of each and every journal is provided through the Journal Title Browse function.  In addition, various special projects have contributed substantial numbers of additional records to the database (among them journals on Southeast Asia dating as far back as 1779).

This is an index only.  To locate resources from this index, search the CWU Library Catalog and Summit for the book or journal title.  Please ask the Reference Help Desk, 1st Floor Brooks Library or (509) 963-1021 for aid in searching this index or searching for citations found in the index.

e-Duke Scholarly Collection Restricted Resource Some full text available

The e-Duke Scholarly Collection contains the full text of journal articles from 31 Duke University Press humanities and social science journals back to 2000.  CWU subscribes to the E-Duke Standard Collection (click the link for a list of titles and the full text access date ranges for the available content).  An 'Advanced Search' option is also available. Our subscription was canceled as of January 2013, but we will still have content from previous years available from this link.  Search our catalog by Journal Title for other access options or also try the Project Muse database for similar content.

Essay & General Literature Index Restricted Resource
This is a bibliographic database that cites essays, articles contained in collections of essays, and miscellaneous works published in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada.  The database now includes nearly 86,000 essays drawn from almost 700 collections.  Essays from more than 300 volumes and more than 20 annuals and serial publications are added annually.  Full bibliographic information on the collective titles indexed is included.

The focus is on the humanities and social sciences, with subject coverage ranging from economics, political science, and history to criticism of literary works, drama, and film.  Citations include articles published as early as 1985.  Each citation links to a list of other works in the collection, others by the author, and others on the subject, as well as to an entry for the source collection.  Works of literary criticism are searchable by names of fictional characters and by the titles of literary works.

The database is searchable by personal and corporate author, title, subject, and keyword, and also by Dewey and LC classification numbers, publisher, publication year, ISBN and ISSN, series, and country of publication.

For aid in locating the full text of articles found within this index, please stop by the 1st Floor Reference Help Desk or call the desk at 509.963.1021.

eHRAF World Cultures Restricted Resource Some full text available
eHRAF World Cultures – the digital version of the Human Relations Area Files – is a cross-cultural database that contains more than 350,000 pages of descriptive information on cultures, diversity and ethnic groups of the world.  The annually-growing eHRAF database is unique in that the information is organized by cultures and ethnic groups and the full-text sources are subject-indexed at the paragraph level.  The diversity of information includes full-text books, journal articles, and dissertations.

This database supports CWU curricula across a variety of disciplines -- anthropology, social studies, history, sociology, geography, language, multicultural studies, political science, human development, arts, and medicine - if you are in one of these programs this database will be your friend!

Please ask the Reference Help Desk, 1st Floor Brooks Library or (509) 963-1021 for aid in searching this resource, and / or try the tutorial materials available from the homepage of eHRAF (look under "Using HRAF" on the left) or at this link.

ArticleFirst Restricted Resource
The Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC) provides this index of more than 27,000,000 of the articles published since 1990.  The articles are from over 16,000 journals, covering nearly all fields of knowledge.  The items indexed include every article, news story, letter, or other item listed on the table of contents page of the journal.  This database also provides, for most items, a list of libraries that have the journal title – information that makes finding the article in the Brooks Library Collection, or through Interlibrary Loan, much easier.

Please ask the Reference Help Desk, on the 1st Floor of the Brooks Library, or at (509) 963-1021, for any assistance you might wish in searching this index or searching for citations found in the index.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that includes most of the peer-reviewed journals available online from European and American scholarly publishers, as well as some scholarly books and some other non-peer-reviewed journals.

Caveat: Google Scholar does not index every scholarly article or book.  Some publishers do not allow it to index their journals.  Google Scholar often does not include older materials, and not every article you can find through Google Scholar is scholarly.  If you have questions about the reliability of an article you find through Google Scholar – or any other source, including our databases – please consult with one of our friendly Librarians.

If you find a citation for a simply wonderful seeming article in Google Scholar and have not-yet found a fulltext copy you can do a ‘Journal Title’ search in Cattrax to see what sort of access the Brooks Library has to that journal.  You can also – of course! – consult with our knowledgeable Librarians and/or fill out an Interlibrary Loan Request.

Two of the most useful Google Scholar features are ‘Cited by’ and ‘Related Articles’, both located underneath the citation.  ‘Cited by’ enables you to find articles that cite the article that you have found.  This is particularly useful when you are looking for the most recent information on a topic.  ‘Related Articles’ will provide you with a lists of similar articles.

You can set Google Scholar to provide you with a direct link to CWU Brooks Library resources.  To cause Google Scholar to provide you with a handy "Resources @ CWU Library" link (hidden under 'More' in the lower right corner of the citation) or a "Full-Text @ CWU Library" (to the right of the citation) when you are off-campus:
  • Click the "Scholar Settings" option in the upper right corner of the Google Scholar page.
  • Then click the option, "Library Links" on the left side of the Google Scholar Settings Page.
  • Enter CWU in the box in the middle of the screen
  • Choose "Central Washington University - Full-Text @ CWU Library" AND "Open WorldCat - Library Search" (this provides better linking for books).

Note: this feature currently only 'works' for articles.  To see if the Brooks Library has a book that you have found a citation for in Google Scholar click the ‘More’ link underneath the citation to the right.  If 'Resources @ CWU Library' is not an available option click 'Library Search'.  This will take you to WorldCat and if the Brook Library has a copy we will be at the top of the list.  If the book is at another academic library in Idaho, Oregon or Washington you can request it through Summit, and if the book is elsewhere you can request it through Interlibrary Loan.

JSTOR Restricted Resource Some full text available

Our subscription to JSTOR (short for 'Journal Storage') contains every issue of over 600 core scholarly journals in the arts, humanities, the social sciences, as well as the natural and applied sciences.  These journals have been digitized back to the first issue published (in some cases that is the 1600s).  JSTOR also contains citations (bibliographic records) for more than 1,500 leading academic journals, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work.  (This is why it may not be a good idea to check "Include only content I can access," even if you are in a hurry.  Articles not available in JSTOR are often available in our other databases or through Interlibrary Loan.)

As always, please consult the Reference Desk or the nearest librarian if you have any questions about finding articles in JSTOR or elsewhere.

Handbooks & Guides

Columbia Chronologies of Asian History and Culture
Print Location: Ref DS33 .C63 2000
The Columbia Chronologies of Asian History and Culture is a comprehensive timeline of the historical and political development of countries in Asia; offering chronologies for the countries of Asia from the Paleolithic era through 1998.  The volume is divided into four major parts: "East Asia," "South Asia," "Southeast Asia," and "Central Asia."  Chapters for each of the 26 individual countries range from four or five pages to more than 100 pages.  Chronologies for most countries are subdivided by time periods defined by major developments in their history.  Chapters on China, India, and Japan are organized into three separate chronologies: "Political History," "Arts, Culture, Thought and Religion," and "Science-Technology, Economics, and Everyday Life."  Each section of a chronology begins with an overview of the time period covered, followed by a clearly dated, complete, and detailed, entry that provides a sequential history. 

The volume concludes with three appendixes.  The first appendix lists national or independence days, and the remaining two are additional chronologies – one surveying scientific and technological achievements in Asia, the other correlating developments in Asia with events in the rest of the world.  The index is extensive and detailed.  (Note: Events are assigned dates in the Western Calendar and not by any of the region's traditional calendars or clocks.)

Guide to Countries of the World Restricted Resource Some full text available

A Guide to Countries of the World is a handbook that contains information on the social, economic, religious and political issues facing every country across the globe, as well as statistical information.  The Guide is part of the Oxford Reference Online suite of reference materials available of f our Databases by Title page of subscription databases.

Images & Primary Resources

Digital South Asia Library
The Digital South Asia Library provides digital materials for reference and research on South Asia to scholars, public officials, business leaders, and other users.  Participants in the Digital South Asia Library include leading U.S. universities, the Center for Research Libraries, the South Asia Microform Project, the Committee on South Asian Libraries and Documentation, the Association for Asian Studies, the Library of Congress, the Asia Society, the British Library, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, MOZHI in India, the Sundarayya Vignana Kendram in India, Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya in Nepal, and other institutions in South Asia. 

Sections of the DSAL include:
Reference Resources
  Scholarly reference books and a link to full text dictionaries at Digital Dictionaries of South Asia (DDSA).
Bibliographies and Union Lists
  Electronic catalogs and finding aids for dispersed resources and collections.
  Photographs are arranged in databases organized by the original collections.
  Includes periodical indexes and document delivery mechanisms.
  Catalogs of maps and maps themselves, ranging from historical to topographic.
Books and Journals
  This section includes pedagogical books, general scholarly titles, journals and newspapers.
  Statistical information from the colonial period through the present, available in a variety of formats.
Other Internet Resources
  A link to SARAI, South Asia Resource Access on the Internet.

Asia Pacific Museum Digital Collection Resource contains images

Images of over 5,000 items from the Asia Pacific Museum's permanent collection has been made available in this permanent online exhibit.  The collection includes art and material culture items from throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands and covers a span of five thousand years.  (The museum is physically located in Pasadena, CA.)

Vietnam Yesterday and Today: History of the War Websites Resource contains images Some full text available

Very extensive list of links to photographs, interviews, speeches, magazine and newspaper articles, and more.


Book Index with Reviews Restricted Resource Some full text available

Book Index with Reviews™ (BIR) is a comprehensive database that provides information on over 5 million book titles.  BIR also contains almost 800,000 full-text searchable book reviews from some of the most trusted reviewers: Library Journal, School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, and the New York Times Book Review.

Fiction and non-fiction book titles are included in the database, in all genres, to help you find books to read for fun, for information, or for research.  BIR’s subject headings/genres and flexible search engine can help you find out about popular titles that are currently available, along with those that will soon be published or released.

Statistics & Measurements

World Factbook

The World Factbook is published annually by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the web version is updated weekly.

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.  The available information includes: political and physical maps of the major world regions, other maps, and the Flags of the World.  This is a handy reference work for basic and reliable statistical data on the countries of the world.  The appendices and the The World Factbook Users Guide can lead you to additional interesting data on the website.

Also potentially of interest to you: The CIA publishes and updates the online directory of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments monthly. This directory is a reference aid and includes as many governments of the world as is considered practical, some of them not officially recognized by the United States.

OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web
The OFFSTATS database provides links to free, official statistical resources for countries, region or subjects from around the world, with a particularly rich selection of resources focusing on Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.  The links include information from Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) and many of the links are to local and subject-oriented sites offering otherwise obscure sources, including information on countries as small as Tonga and Belize.  OFFSTATS provides an abundance of difficult-to-find data sources, including links to armaments data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and elections data from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.  Click here to see what links have most recently been added to this database.

(Some specialized databases are only available to the University of Auckland staff and students.  If you need information that is not available through this site please consult a Reference Librarian.)

United Nations ESCAP Statistics Some full text available

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is the regional development arm of the United Nations for the Asia-Pacific region.  ESCAP is made up of 62 member States, with a geographical scope that stretches from Turkey in the west to the Pacific island nation of Kiribati in the east, and from the Russian Federation in the north to New Zealand in the south, the region is home to 4.1 billion people, or two thirds of the world’s population.

Available ESCAP statistics include country-level data related to demography, migration, education, health, poverty, gender, employment, economy, government finance, employment, transport, and environment.  The database also includes aggregate data for the world, major geographic regions, ESCAP subregions, income groupings of ESCAP members, and ESCAP Least Developed Countries (LDC) countries.  Additionally the most recent versions of the Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific (2011) and the Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report are among the many useful documents available for download. 

Some information on this site is easily found, but much of the information is a few links away from the main page and requires a willingness to click links to see what is there - a willingness that will probably be well-rewarded.

China Data Online Restricted Resource Resource contains images Some full text available
The China Data Center is an ongoing project of the University of Michigan. The China Data Center offers comprehensive and updated information on China’s economic development at national, provincial, city, county, and industrial levels. It also includes statistical yearbooks published by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, industrial surveys, census maps and an atlas of China.  Much of the data requires a subscription, but freely accessible data can be found several places on the site, and not just here and here.  (Also, check out their Projects links.)

International Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750-1993
Print Location: Ref HA4675 .M552 1998 Some full text available
Topics include: population, vital statistics, labor, industry, agriculture, external trade, transportation and communication, education, prices. Statistics derived from numerous primary sources.
Intute: Statistics
This site contains links to social science statistical information available online.  The links are organized into the following broad categories:Note: Intute closed in July 2011.  The site has now been archived and no additional resources are being added to the catalogue, nor are any changes being made to existing content.  Intute is still a large and useful site and is well worth your taking the time to look through it. 
(If you see any links in Intute or elsewhere that should be promoted to having their own entry in this or another Research Guide please let me know.)

Web Sites

Online Writing Center (OWL), Purdue
Formatting and Style Guides for MLA, APA, and Chicago are included in the resources at OWL. Shorter and generally more easily understood than the full citation manuals, though less complete. They cover most, but not all, of the citation situations that you will encounter. Also includes guidance on plagiarism, writing résumés and business letters, punctuation and grammar, and other writing topics.
INFOMINE is a wonderful resource featuring well organized access to important university level research and educational tools on the Internet.  INFOMINE is a collection of over 100,000 annotated and indexed links (26,000 librarian created links and 75,000 plus robot/crawler created links).  Substantive databases, electronic journals, guides to the Internet for most disciplines, textbooks and conference proceedings are among the many types of resources included.  The general categories are:
Note: You can search in multiple categories at the same time.  This is good because knowledge is never ever in only one place.

The INFOMINE library contains links to and information about databases, electronic journals, electronic books, bulletin boards, mailing lists, online library card catalogs, articles, directories of researchers, and many other information repositories.  You can search by Author, Subject, Title, Description, Full Text, and Keyword.  You can also choose the resource type that you wish to search, and if you want to search free sources, fee-based sources, or both ('both' is recommended because we might be able to help you find it for free elsewhere). 
Help in searching INFOMINE
is available through this Site Map page.

INFOMINE is librarian built. Librarians from the University of California, Wake Forest University, California State University, the University of Detroit - Mercy, and several other universities and colleges have contributed to building INFOMINE. They hope their service is useful and would appreciate any comments.

American Museum of Natural History: Division of Anthropology Resource contains images

This site has images of over 160,000 objects from the museum's North American, Mexican & Central American, South American, African, Asian, European, and Pacific Ethnographic Collections.  The image is accompanied by a description, a link to an image of the original catalogue pages, field notebooks, and sometimes additional photographs.  Additional information on the collections is available, as well as an archive with a variety of fascinating information.

OAIster Catalog of Digital Resources
OAIster is a catalog more than 25 million records of open access digital resource.  The Catalog was built by harvesting information from open access collections around the world  The digital resources in OAIster include items such as digitized books and articles, born-digital texts, audio files, images, and movies.

The OAIster Catalog is searchable by title, author/creator, subject, language, keyword and several other forms of metadata.  Searching in the OAIster Catalog is by Boolean Search (And, Or, Not).  Like playing chess the best way to become good at boolean searching is to do a lot of boolean searching.  Here are the 'basic moves' for searching the OAIster Catalog:

Combining the search terms 'Cat' and 'Dog' (Boolean)
    Cat and Dog
    Cat or Dog
    Cat not Dog
Note: 'and', 'or', & 'not' are in drop-down boxes to the left of the search boxes.

Plurals, truncation, and wildcards
    Use + for plurals (s and es)
    Use * for truncation
    Use # for a wildcard character
    Use ?N for up to N characters

Adjacent terms (proximity)
    Cat w Dog    (Cat is followed by Dog)
    Cat wN Dog  (Cat is followed by Dog with at most N terms between)
    Cat n Dog     (Cat is next to Dog, either order)
    Cat nN Dog   (Cat is within N terms of Dog, either order)

The available Limiters are Year, Document Type, and Language.  A Basic Search and an Expert Search interface is also available.  You can also create an account that will enable you to save searches.

NOTE:  Sometimes OAIster may direct you to items that are access restricted.  The Librarians in the ARC or at any of the service desks can help you with accessing information that is ‘access restricted’ and with any questions that you might have.

Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library (ipl2) digital collections include many different resources organized by Subject, Newspapers and Magazines, Special Collections created by the ipl2, a variety of Pathfinders on diverse topics, and special collections for Kids and Teens.

ipl2 offers thousands of annotated, reviewed links covering all academic disciplines.  The available subject categories are:(You can, of course, search all categories simultaneously.)

The Newspapers and Magazines portion of ipl2 contains links to newspapers across the US and around the world, as well as to magazines and journals classified by subject category.  (All of the annotated links can be searched simultaneously.)

ipl2 also has some permanent exhibits - collections of unique, multimedia presentations.  From lighthouse photographs to the classics of Western music, there is something here for everyone!

The ipl2 Pathfinders are a particularly excellent place to begin your research.  The Pathfinders - extensive annotated lists of excellent resources for a specific topic - can be searched by Subject and Alphabetically.  Looking through a couple of Pathfinders that are similar to your chosen/assigned topic can be of immense help to you.

Much of the information you would find through the ipl2 resides on other websites or in other places and would be cited accordingly.  However some information is hosted on the ipl2 site and citation guidelines are provided.  (Additional assistance with citations is available from the CWU Writing Center and the Excellent OWL at Purdue University.)

And finally, a public library would not be complete without story hour.  The children's stories that they have available will not take you an hour to read - but they do make a nice study break.

Note: if you find a resource through the Internet Public Library that we should highlight in one or more of these Research Guides please let me know.  Thank you.

Items Of Interest

PIVOT (Formerly COS Funding Opportunities) Restricted Resource
COS Funding Opportunities has been replaced by COS PIVOT.
This database provides access to funding opportunities as well as scholar profiles, with the ability to add your own scholar profile and to view the profiles of various research organizations.  PIVOT allows you to also prioritize and save your searches to receive weekly alerts.

You must register your own account and log in thereafter in order to use PIVOT. 
Registration and log in is in the upper righthand corner of screen.  Previous CWU users of COS Funding Opportunities may log in with their existing username and password, as the accounts have been transferred over into PIVOT. For more information, please see: Pivot Video Tutorials.

Note: For some opportunities, sponsors accept only a limited number of proposals or applications from an institution, or require an institution to rank or prioritize applications before submission.
If an opportunity is marked "Internal Coordination Required," please contact the Office of Graduate Studies and Research before applying.
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