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Brooks Library Research Guides: COM 467 Narrative Screenwriting III
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Brooks Library Research Guides: COM 467 Narrative Screenwriting III

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COMMUNICATION 467, Narrative Screenwriting II
COMMUNICATION 467, Narrative Screenwriting III
Fall 2013, TTh, 11p – 12:50p, BOU 214B
Instructor: Helen C. Harrison, PhD, Cand.
Office Hours: After class
Office Location: Boullion 207

Course Overview
A lecture and practice course oriented toward developing advanced writing skills for both an original and an adapted story for theatrical or television distribution. The course will introduce the art of adaptation and the conceptual and structural considerations that constitute alternative scriptwriting. Covers the creation of more complex and unconventional plots as influenced by artistic movements (modernism and its avant-garde offsprings, and post-modernism and remodernism; realism and its offsprings and its reaction, surrealism), alternative structural forms (multi-narrative, multi-linear; causal and non-causal; multiple, problematic and passive protagonists), varying narrative modes (stream of consciousness, dream logic, 1p pov, character narrator, 3p pov limited, 3p pov omniscient, 3p pov voyeuristic), literary story devices, metafiction techniques and symbolic stories (fables, parables and allegories). Screenwriting Fundamentals and the Narrative Screenwriting course sequence are required prerequisites.

Course Objectives:
  • Expand understanding of story elements for adaptation and alternative story structure
  • Advance writing skills by intensive focus on specific alternative and adaptive story elements
  • Translate elements from an outside medium into screenplay structure
  • Develop a more complex plot based on greater understanding of narrative varieties.

Required Text

Ken Dancyger & Jeff Rush, Alternative Scriptwriting: Successfully Breaking the Rules, 5th ed., Focal Press, 2007 (Available at the CWU Bookstore in the Student Union and Recreation Center)

Proofreading & Writing Formats:
  1. You are expected to proofread all writing for GPSFVS (grammar, punctuation, spelling, format, vocabulary and style). 
  2. Times New Roman font, 12-pt size, 1.25” margins left and right, 1” margins top and bottom, single-spaced.
Scripts must be in correct screenplay format (single-column, single-space). It is recommended that you either purchase software that will format your script or utilize one of the free resources available online (e.g Celtx).

Recommended GPSFVS Assistance (available in the Brooks Library):[The CWU Writing Center can assist you with the grammar, punctuation, spelling, format, vocabulary, or style questions that you may have with your other writing, but they do not currently have the expertise to assist you with the punctuation, style and format issues specific to scriptwriting.]

Blackboard & Email
The Blackboard classroom will contain pertinent course documents that you need to read.
Prof. Harrison will be using your school email address to contact you. Check it regularly!

ADA Accommodation
If you need special accommodation for this course, please see Prof. Harrison and provide the necessary paperwork from Disability Services.

Date Activity/Assignment Library Resources
9/26 Lecture: Review of Syllabus, Story Elements, Character and Alternative Scriptwriting
Read: Dancyger & Rush, Chs 1-7, 16-20
Some of the Additional Resources Available in the Brooks Library.docx docx
10/1 No class. Read textbook Note: The Brooks Library has quite a few comfortable places to sit and read.
10/3 No class. Read textbook  
10/8 Lecture: Adaptation Some books about Film Adaptations, Television Adaptations, & Radio Adaptations.
10/10 Lecture: Adaptation
Exam 1
Read: Sin Dolor by T.C. Boyle
Assignment: 8-10 page Adaptation Treatment for Sin Dolor
Boyle, T. C. (2007, October 15). Sin Dolor. The New Yorker, p. 80.
available in the Brooks Library (2nd Floor), Call # AP2 N6763

Boyle, T. C. (2010). Sin Dolor. In Wild child: stories (pp. 59–78). New York, N.Y.: Viking.
Available from Summit.
10/15 Pitch Your Adaptation Idea
Go over exam results
10/17 Lecture: Alternative Plots  
10/22 Lecture: Alternative Plots
Turn in your Adaptation Treatment
Read: Dancyger & Rush, Chs 8-15, 21-29
10/24 Lecture: Metafiction Techniques and Literary Story Devices Some books that discuss Metafiction and Literary Terminology (i.e. the names of story devices and how they are discussed).
10/29 Lecture: Art Film Forms
Assignment: 13-15 pp Alternative Plot Treatment
Some books on the Subject "Art and Motion Pictures"
10/31 Lecture: Art Film Forms II  
11/5 Exam: Chs 8-15, 21-29  
11/7 Lecture: Pick up  
11/12 Pitch Alternative Plot Idea
Lecture: Pick up
11/14 Movie: Stranger Than Fiction
Submit: Alternative Plot Treatment
Assignment: Write pages 1-30 of Alternative Plot Script
Doran, L., Helm, Z., Forster, M., Ferrell, W., Gyllenhaal, M., Hoffman, D., … (2007). Stranger than fiction. Culver City, CA: Columbia Pictures.  Available from Summit.
11/19 Movie: Le Fey (The Fairy) On Reserve in the Brooks Library?
11/21 Learning Group Feedback for pages 1-30
Assignment: Write pages 31-60 of Alternative Plot Script
11/26 Movie: Ten Canoes Available from Summit, and from Summit.
12/3 Learning Group Feedback for pages 31-60
Assignment: Write pages 61-90 of Alternative Plot Script
12/5 Continue Group Feedback for Alternative Script  
Finals Week Submit Final Script by 5:00pm on Friday.
The Brooks Library is open longer hours and often has snacks available during Finals Week.
Subject Specialist
How can I be helpful?
  • I usually check my email frequently, but I rarely get telephone messages in a timely manner.
  • I am available in person in the Government Publications, Maps, and Microforms Department Mondays from 5-9pm, Thursdays from 2pm-7pm, Saturdays from 11am-5pm, and by appointment.
  • My colleagues in the 1st Floor Reference Department and elsewhere in the Library are also eager to be helpful.
  • How can I make this Course Guide better?
  • Librarians like to be asked questions!!!
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