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Brooks Library Research Guides: Science Database Trials
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Brooks Library Research Guides: Science Database Trials

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As a not-for-profit collaborative created to address inequities in STM publishing, dedication to mission is at the very heart of BioOne.
Trials Available November 1 - 30, 2012


  • Find the first mention of plants, organisms, chemicals, or lab techniques in various life sciences fields.
  • Access high quality journal content as well as content from reports, reviews, and meetings
  • Discover high-impact article and related records that are based on shared references
  • Detect emerging trends that help pursue successful research and grant acquisition
  • Follow the history or methodology of a topic
  • See where top Life Sciences researchers are publishing and presenting findings
  • Identify potential collaborators with significant publication records
  • Ease searching, writing, and bibliography creation into one integrated process
  • Produce high quality papers that reflect how past work forms the context for today’s life sciences discoveries.
  • Get a comprehensive, yet focused, view of life sciences literature from a resource designed specifically for the biological community.


  • Cited reference searching with a citation breakdown summary to keep track of citation counts from various resources
  • Seamless access, research, and discovery in the life sciences with coverage of nearly 6,000 journal titles 18 million records with coverage to 1926
  • Over 165,000 documents from more than 1,500 meetings
  • Enhanced author identification, analysis and visualization tools
  • Specialized indexing, with tags to vital data such as Enzyme Commission numbers, and cross-references throughout to gene, disease, and organism names
  • Intuitive searching capabilities such as spell check, left hand truncation, and auto detect for search terms


ProQuest Biology Journals™ provides access to a wide range of biology topics. The database includes over 410 titles, with more than 360 available in full text. With thousands of articles available online, ProQuest Biology Journals includes some of the most popular information resources for users in academic, government, and public research environments.

Titles available from ProQuest Biology Journals include:

  • Systematic Biology
  • Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Plant Cell
  • Bioscience

ProQuest Biology Journals covers a wide range of biology-related topics, such as:

  • Biological chemistry
  • Biophysics
  • Botany
  • Cytology and histology
  • Environmental studies
  • Microbiology
  • Microscopy
  • Zoology