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Brooks Library Research Guides: PSY300 Research Methods in Psychology
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Brooks Library Research Guides: PSY300 Research Methods in Psychology

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 How to Read and Understand a Scientific Paper
  • Dr. Jennifer Raff of the University of Texas Austin succinctly distinguishes primary research articles from review articles (if you don't know this, you need to for your assignment!) and provides some general guidance before outlining her "step-by-step instructions for reading a primary research article." This will help you get the very most out of reading an article.
Types of Scientific Literature
  • This blog post describes a greater variety of scientific literature than the Raff piece, and describes it in more detail. Links to additional related information expand on the basics covered here. Note her assertion that "Students who are asked to use only primary research articles,,,can still find teview articles useful" and why.
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Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

PsycARTICLES Restricted Resource Some full text available
Peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific articles in psychology published by the American Psychological Association (APA) and allied organizations. It includes all journal articles, letters to the editor and errata from each journal published after 1985.
PsycINFO Restricted Resource
Journal articles, chapters, books, dissertations and reports on psychology and related fields, from 1887-present.

Get the most out of your PsychINFO search with APA's Quick Reference Guide! Alternatively, or in addition, attend one of their webinars. (Be sure to look for the ones that are designed for PsychINFO on Ebsco.) For more help, see this video tutorial on the use of PsychINFO or see Ebsco's tutorial on using their advanced search, which is linked from the description of PsychINFO on CWU's databases page.
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Related Research Guides
There are additional research guides that may help you with your research. Here are a few:

Citation & Style Manuals for the Social Sciences
Call Numbers/Subjects

Also, it may help you to know that psychology may be addressed in subdivisions of another subject, as in "Communication—Psychological aspects," "Shamanism—Psychology," or "Bonobo—Psychology." These would not be found in a subject search for psychology, but would - with a lot of other items - be found in a word search for psychology. The Anthropology and Sociology Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries offers yet more about subject headings for psychology.