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About The CWU Music Library

The CWU Music Library is located on the Fourth Floor of the Brooks Library, and serves as the functional music library for the Music Unit and the campus at large. The Music Library’s collections are housed in two rooms: 401, which contains the Listening Area, the Music Theory Lab, and the Music Library Classroom; and 402, which houses the music scores and books, the music bound periodicals, and the music reference books.

Most of the Music Library compact discs (CDs) do circulate out of the Library to students, faculty, and staff with current CWU Connection Cards. The Library’s music sound recordings, which include compact discs, long-playing records and cassette tapes, have been purchased to support the mission of the Music Unit and are therefore primarily classical and jazz recordings, as well as a growing number of world music recordings. The Music Library has also made a substantial investment in audio equipment for the Listening Area with in-house listening for students and other Library patrons. Audio equipment includes compact disc units, phonorecord turntables and cassette deck players, and many of the listening carrels have headphone amplifiers for multiple listeners. The Music Library supplies headphones for listeners using the audio equipment and Music Library computers. There are also two DVD/VCR units in viewing areas on the east side of the Listening Area that will accommodate patrons who want to view music-related DVD discs and VHS tapes.  There is also a viewing area with a large screen and multiple headphone amplifiers. Regulations forbidding the use of audio equipment for illegal duplication of copyrighted recordings are clearly posted in the Listening Area.

Music Library patrons may search OneSearch to locate Music Library recordings, books and music scores. Searches may be made by author, title, and the Library of Congress’ subject areas.

Persons planning to visit the Listening Area of the Music Library should consult the Library Hours page. The Score, Book, and Reference room keeps the same public service hours as the main Library building. The public service schedule for the Listening Area appears under “Music Library”, in the Today’s Hours section of the library’s homepage. Though the Listening Area has somewhat fewer public hours that the main Library building, when school is in session it is open to the public 7 days a week, including evening and weekend hours.

The Score, Book and Reference Room, Rm. 402, contains the music reference books, the music bound periodicals, as well as the circulating music books and scores. In addition, the specialized music collections, such as the historical sets, authoritative composers’ works, and other collected editions, are also shelved in this room, which is open to the public when the main Library is open. Most of the music scores and books can be circulated out of the Library by patrons, but requires a CWU Connection Card which allows access to the Library’s collections. Music reference books and many of the collected scores and historical sets are not available for checkout, but may be used in the library. Music Library staff are located in the Listening Area and can be consulted with questions about all aspects of the Music Library’s collections and services, when the Music Library is open. When the Music Library is closed, anyone needing help with music scores, books and reference materials should inquire in the Academic and Research Commons (ARC) located on the first floor of the library.

The Music Library’s telephone number is (509) 963-1841.

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