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Government Publications Services Collection Development Policy

Government Publications Services Collection Development Policy


The James E. Brooks Library at Central Washington University serves as a selective
depository collection of Government Documents since 1962. The James E. Brooks
Library originally housed the collection when the University was designated a
selective Federal depository in 1962. This designation was given shortly after the
Federal Depository Act increased the number of possible Federal depositories. It
was our United States Representative Catherine Dean May who helped to confer
Federal depository status upon the library.

Since 1962, the depository has collected a significant portion of the publications
offered by the Government Printing Office. We currently collect approximately
34.66% of the item numbers available for selection. These publications come in
electronic, paper, microfiche, cartographic, and DVD formats. We are part of the
Northwest Government Information Network (NGIN), a cooperative of other
depositories in Washington State, Idaho, and Alaska. The Brooks Library also
housed the largest collection of print maps in Central Washington both from
depository and non-depository sources.

Mission Statement

The Central Washington University libraries provide quality resources and
innovative services to stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity, and to facilitate
lifelong learning and research within the communities we serve.

Vision Statement

The Central Washington University libraries will be the hub and academic town
square of the university by being an essential component of the academic and
creative life of the institution. We will excel in collecting, preserving, and providing
access to the best scholarly and educational resources; providing high quality,
innovative services; and creating a welcoming and comfortable physical
environment. We will foster an atmosphere that encourages diversity, excellence,
and continued growth in finding ways to surpass our own high standards.

Purpose Of A Policy Statement

Please refer to the Brooks Library Collection Development & Management Policy

Brooks Depository Library Mission

The Federal depository at the Brooks Library serves several integrated yet unique
communities. As part of an academic institution, the library is dedicated to serving
the information needs of the CWU students, faculty, and staff. Our primary goal is
to the success of our students thus the depository collects materials that support
the university’s core programs within the colleges of Arts & Humanities, Business,
Education & Professional Studies, and Sciences. The depository collection also
emphasizes statistical materials, congressional, and legal materials which support
disciplines across the curriculum. We collect in all forms and formats to meet the
needs of all constituents.

Within our obligations to the university, the depository equally serves the
government information needs of the Eighth Congressional District and the local
indigenous communities of Central Washington. We work with local leaders to
maintain an awareness of the geographic and demographic characteristics of the
surrounding areas and provide federal and state publications which are of need and
interest to this user group.

Geographically, the Eighth Congressional District includes the Chelan and Kittitas
Counties plus eastern portions of Pierce and King counties.

We also serve the following towns and cities in Washington State:

Place Names
Algona Entiat Roslyn
Auburn Enumclaw Sammamish
Black Diamond Issaquah Snoqualmie
Bonney Lake Kent South Prairie
Buckley Kittitas Vantage
Carbanado Leavenworth Wenatchee
Cashmere Maple Valley Wilkeson
Chelan Milton  
Covington North Bend  
E. Wenatchee Orting  
Eatonville Pacific  
Ellensburg Renton  

* Does not include unincorporated place names

Access To Depository Services

All depository materials are available for use by any member of the communities we
serve. Anyone may borrow paper documents that circulate as long as they have
current CWU borrowing privileges otherwise they may borrow government
publications that circulate through interlibrary loan from their own public library.
Legal requirements regarding access and use of depository materials may be found
in the Legal Requirements & Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library

We lend materials through Summit and Interlibrary Loan. 

Library hours during the academic year are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday
through Thursday; Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; Saturday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm;
and Sunday 1:00 pm to 9: 00 pm. The library is closed on holidays.

The Brooks Library and the collections are accessible to individuals with disabilities.
Assistance is available for anyone using a computer or microfiche reader, or
photocopying and scanning.

Selection Of Materials

A. Criteria

The Head Librarian of the Government Publications Services (GPS) selects materials
with input from the other subject specialist, faculty, and other interested parties. All
user requests are also considered when reviewing items. The collection is assessed
throughout the year and selection decisions are based on curricular need,
community interest, usage, and format.

  1. Duplicates: Additional copies of a document may be considered when there
    is heavy demand for the title. An additional copy may be either requested
    through needs & offers or purchased based upon the specific need.
  2. Replacement Copies: Working with the Head of Circulation and Collection
    Development & Management (CDM), the Head of GPS will determine whether
    or not to replace missing, lost, or damaged materials. They will also
    determine if a patron must pay for the item or not. Decisions are usually
    based on the demand for the title and the availability of the title in question.
  3. Gifts: Unsolicited materials received from various U.S. federal agencies, nongovernmental
    agencies (NGOs), and state agencies, and other governmental
    bodies are considered gifts and may be added to the collection. The
    librarians responsible for Government Publications Services and Collection
    Development & Management will determine whether or not to add and to
    which collection. If added to the federal depository collection, a
    Superintendent of Documents number is assigned to the publication before it
    is added to the collection. When added to the Washington State depository
    collection, an LC number is provided and it is sent to the main book stacks.
    Materials not added to the collection are offered to other institutions or
  4. Needs & Offers: The Needs and Offers lists, as well as discard lists from
    other depositories are utilized as sources to replace or fill in gaps in the
    collection. These lists are reviewed as time permits.

    We follow the guidelines established by the Regional depository and the FDLP
    available at:

B. Resonsibility For Selection

When a request is made for material that the depository does not select, the Head
of Government Publications Services will consider it for addition to the depository’s
profile. The decision is based upon relevance to the existing collection and the
needs of the library patron. If the document is available in electronic format the
requestor will be contacted and given the permanent PURL (Permanent Uniform
Resource Locator).

Each month the GPS Librarian consults the New Electronic Titles (NET) lists for new
electronic documents and PURLs that have been assigned to older paper
documents. These newly assigned PURLs are then added to the bibliographic
records of the corresponding paper documents while new electronic documents are
processed by the within the department with assistance from the Information
Technologies Department.

WEBTech Notes are consulted on a monthly basis for new item numbers available
for selection and corrections to existing documents in the collection. Overall the
library does not want to increase its paper collection, nor does it have sufficient
space to allow for growth. We are strongly committed to the selection of the
electronic version of a document. In addition the library provides access to the
GovInfo (formerly called Federal Digital System (FDsys)) which enables online
access to official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government.
Government Publications Services Research Guide provides detailed information
about the department and how to locate government information from each of the
three branches of the federal government.

Arangement And Subject Areas

The government publications collection is arranged by Superintendent of
Documents (SuDoc) order with some materials located in the Reference Collection,
shelved by Library of Congress call numbers. Some periodicals are still received in
paper format are shelved in the periodicals collection by title.

The collection currently includes materials in the following subject areas: business,
trade, aeronautics, climate and weather, congressional and legislative information,
criminal justice, demographics and other statistical resources, education, military
history, law and jurisprudence, veterans affairs, space exploration, mining,
engineering, safety and construction technologies, health and human services, and
foreign policy. The primary language of the collection is English.

Resource Sharing

Brooks Library is a member of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, a 38 member consortium
covering Washington, Oregon, and Idaho academic libraries along with NGIN. GPS
staff are familiar with these institutions and can assist patrons who wish to locate
documents that CWU does not have in its depository collection.

The collection is housed on the third floor of the James E. Library along with the
maps and microforms collections. These three collections comprise the department
and the staff are experts in locating the material and using the equipment.

Weeding And Maintenance

Head GPS is responsible for weeding and maintenance of the documents collection.
The paper collection is weeded on a regular basis. Shelf space dictates priority in
areas to be weeded. Microfiche and CD/s/DVD are weeded as time permits.

Documents in electronic format are not weeded and an item is discarded only when
a revised edition is available or when it no longer supports the criteria described

Superseded documents identified using the Superseded List published by the
Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) are withdrawn and discarded. Items
not identified on the Superseded List must be retained in the collection five years
before they can be considered for discard in accordance to the standards outlined in
the Legal Requirements & Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library
Program web site

The entire holdings are weeded on a regular basis to maintain a current collection.
Discontinued and deselected items are priority areas to be weeded. Congressional
publications are the major exception to this rule and are retained indefinitely
regardless of space concerns and conditions. Publications from the Census Bureau
that report on any of the Pacific Northwest states are also retained.

The Collection Development & Management Committee is consulted when
documents have been identified for discard. Once a final decision is made, the
Depository Librarian works with department staff to compile a discard list for
permission to discard from the Regional library, Washington State Library. When
permission is received, the list is sent out following the disposal guidelines.

The Head of GPS consults the FDLP Desktop to keep current on issues to the FDLP
Connection monthly newsletter and other informational sites.

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