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What can you do with a minor or certificate in Library & Information Science?

Having a background in library science can prepare you for positions as a library paraprofessional in public, school, or special libraries—depending on your track. The types of skills that you will learn through the program focus on research, public service, organization, library technology, archives, and general information management that can be applied to many disciplines. Some of the career directions you could pursue with a background in library science include:

• Archives
• Information Management
• Public Library Technician
• Publisher Representative
• Academic Library Para-professional
• Records Management
• Research Management
• School Library Aide
• Technical Writer


Do you need to attend classes on campus?

No. There are some course choices that are offered in-person, but these are electives and optional. All required courses are offered online. 

How can I prepare for online learning or improve my strategies?

Check out the online learning at CWU webpage for suggestions, resources, and campus assistance.

How long will it take me to complete the Minor or Certificate?

The minor can be completed over the course of 2 or 3 years. The certificate can be completed in 1 very full year, or over a number of years.

When can I start the program? Do I need to start a particular quarter?

The best time to join the program is in fall or winter. The two prerequisite courses for any program track are LIS110 and LIS201. LIS110 is offered every quarter, including summer quarter. LIS201 is offered fall and winter quarters.

What major or background is required for these programs?

The LIS Minor and Certificate do not require a particular major or background. These are appropriate for people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. Many people who pursue librarianship also happen to have a background in the humanities, but you can have a background in pretty much anything.

Program Faculty

LIS110 Research Fundamentals (1)

Sabrina Juhl

Marty Blackson

Lauren Wittek

LIS201 Foundations of Library and Information Science (3)

Aimée Quinn

LIS310 Information Literacy and User Services (3)

Lauren Wittek

LIS314 Technology in Library and Information Science (3)

Jessica Krill

LIS245 Research Methods in the Digital Age (4)

Geri Hopkins

LIS398/498 Special Topics in Library and Informational Science (3)

Aimée Quinn, Varies

LIS410 Collection Development (3)

Aimée Quinn

LIS411 Introduction to Archives (3)

Julia Stringfellow

LIS412 Library Management & Leadership (3)

Maureen Rust

Elizabeth Brown

LIS414 Organization of Knowledge (3)

Maura Valentino ;

Sabrina Juhl

LIS490 Internship (3 Credits)



Example Course Syllabi

LIS110 Research Fundamentals


LIS201 Foundations of Library and Information Science


LIS310 Information Literacy and User Services


LIS314 Technology in Library and Information Science


LIS245 Research Methods in the Digital Age


LIS410 Collection Development


LIS411 Introduction to Archives


LIS412 Library Management & Leadership


LIS414 Organization of Knowledge


LIS490 Internship



For more information contact:

Elizabeth Brown

Associate Professor | Instruction Coordinator 

James E. Brooks Library
Central Washington University
400 East University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7548

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