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Library Technology Services Unit Service and Support Policy and Procedures

  • Support Overview
  • Service Categories/Priorities
  • Software Support
  • Library Classroom/Lab
  • Response Time
  • Problem report and service request procedure

Support Overview

The CWU Library Technology Serverices Unit supports 24/7 operation of the Brooks Library technology services and systems, including Integrated Library Systems, web and database services, authentication systems, and connectivity.

The unit administers and maintains:

  • Millennium ILS, Novell Network, public and staff web applications, and other server applications and utilities.
  • Operating Systems and other computer software and applications for PC or Mac.
  • 11 servers:  Millennium ILS server, Novell Network Server, Primary web server, Database server, Digital Archives Web server, Test server, Primary backup server, Ezproxy server, Secondary backup server, Deploy Studio Server and MAC Server.
  • Approximately 150 public computers and laptops used by the library's patrons.
  • Approximately 60 staff computers.
  • Approximately 30 network printers.
  • Other various devices such as scanners, barcode readers, etc.

Regular support hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We are also available for urgent issues to meet our system critical support needs during non-regular support hours.

Service Categories/Priorities

The Technology Services Unit uses the following 3 categories to prioritize active service requests:

  1. Critical
  2. Urgent
  3. Routine

Critical:  These reports are system critical problems such as:  entire systems are down; network is down; public machines are down; classroom/lab machines are down; stopped transaction processing, or a non-functioning primary module (e.g., circulation, acquisitions, serials, cataloguing, Web OPAC) is down; a critical task assigned by the Dean.

Urgent:  These reports are secondary functionality problems such as:  preventing library staff from performing main component of job; or preventing patrons from accessing significant features of catalog; a faculty/staff machine is down; an urgent task assigned by the Dean and the Head of Library Technology Services.

Routine:  These reports are for hardware/software that does not work properly such as:  one machine is partially functional; or staff member's email is down; software problems not affecting system integrity (i.e., bug reports, intermittent system software errors); software consultation; load new software; move machine; add/install new equipment.

Software Support

The Technology Services Unit will provide support for ITS approved software and Library approved software.  Installation of non-standard software is permitted.  Support for non-standard software will be on a case-by-case basis.  Library Systems may occasionally refer questions to other university individuals or units who have greater expertise.

Library Classrooms/Labs

If there are any problems with classroom/lab machines and other equipments, please notify the Technology Services Unit.

Response Time

During office hours:

4-business hour response time for critical issue.
8-business hour response for urgent issue.
5-business day response for routine issue.

During non-regular support hours:

As soon as possible.  The response time depends on the specific situation.

Once a call comes into the helpdesk, it will be logged and a work order ticket number assigned, and it will be prioritized.  If the problem cannot be resolved in time, the person reporting the problems will be contacted on the next business day.  At that time, the requester will be given an estimated response time as to when Systems staff will be able to respond to the problem.

Parts shortages and other unforeseen circumstances often introduce delays.  If a repair will take significantly longer than originally estimated and communicated, the affected staff or unit will be notified and a replacement machine may be provided.

Installation priorities will be determined by the volume and type of equipment and will be coordinated with appropriate Unit Heads.

Problem report and service request procedure

  1. Please call/email/enter a ticket in the Library Helpdesk to notify the library systems as soon as possible.  Be prepared to provide:
    1. Your name/phone/email address.
    2. Your location.
    3. Time and date.
    4. Type of machine including machine name and tag.
    5. Type of problem.
    6. Description of the problem.  Be as precise as possible.  Describe your problem by considering these items:
      1. What are the symptoms of the problem?
      2. What were you trying to do?
      3. What should have happened?
      4. What actually did happen?
      5. Has the function worked before?
      6. Have you made any recent changes to the system, such as installing additional hardware or applying software maintenance?
      7. Can you recreate the problem?
    7. Indicate if this is the first report, a repeat request or a persistent problem (i.e., this has been reported and fixed recently).
  2. During non-regular support hours, if there is any unexpected incident such as power outage, please notify the Systems as soon as possible.

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