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Applying library values to emerging technology : decision-making in the age of open access, maker spaces, and the ever-changing library

"Applying Library Values to Emerging Technology: Decision-Making in the Age of Open Access, Maker Spaces, and the Ever-Changing Library offers a wide range of perspectives on how to interpret and apply library values in the c

Atlas of human anatomy
Netter, Frank H. 1906-1991, author. (Frank Henry),
SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION PLATES 1-7 Introduction Plates 1-7 Plate 1 Body Planes and Terms of Relationship Plate 2 Surface Anatomy: Regions (Anterior view of female) Plate 3 Surface Anatomy: Regions (Posterior view of male) Plat

Levinas and the trauma of responsibility : the ethical significance of time
Coe, Cynthia D., author.
Levinas's account of responsibility challenges dominant notions of time, autonomy, and subjectivity according to Cynthia D. Coe. Employing the concept of trauma in Levinas's late writings, Coe draws together his understanding

Plane and solid geometry
Aarts, J. M.
This is a book on Euclidean geometry that covers the standard material in a completely new way, while also introducing a number of new topics that would be suitable as a junior-senior level undergraduate textbook. The author

Institutional research initiatives in higher education

American higher education faces a challenging environment. Decreasing state appropriations, rising costs, and tightening budgets have left American colleges and universities scrambling to achieve their missions with ever more

The papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826, author.
The Retirement Series documents Jefferson's written legacy between his return to private life on 4 March 1809 and his death on 4 July 1826. During this period Jefferson founded the University of Virginia and sold his extraord

Dynamics of community formation : developing identity and notions of home

This interdisciplinary work discusses the construction, maintenance, evolution, and destruction of home and community spaces, which are central to the development of social cohesion. By examining how people throughout the wor

Ethics and security automata : policy and technical challenges of the robotic use of force
Welsh, Sean, 1963- author.
Can security automata (robots and AIs) make moral decisions to apply force on humans correctly? If they can make such decisions, ought they be used to do so? Will security automata increase or decrease aggregate risk to human

From the Puget lowland to east of the Cascade Range : geologic excursions in the Pacific Northwest

"This volume contains guides that geographically focus on the Seattle, Washington, area within the Puget lowland, and also includes descriptions of trips in the Cascade Range and the region east of the Cascades"--

Handbook of research on advanced concepts in real-time image and video processing

Technological advancements have created novel applications for image and video processing. With these developments, real-world processing problems can be solved more easily. The Handbook of Research on Advanced Concepts in Re

Hydroxyapatite : synthesis and applications
Oshida, Yoshiki, author.
Evidence-based literature reviews can provide foundation skills in research-oriented bibliographic inquiry, with an emphasis on such review and synthesis of applicable literature. Information is gathered by surveying a broad

Major infectious diseases

At the turn of the millennium, the world experienced a dramatic increase in funding for global health programs. Competing demands for these resources meant that policymakers needed access to valid, evidence-based information

Making believe : screen performance and special effects in popular cinema
Bode, Lisa, 1970- author.
In the past twenty years, we have seen the rise of digital effects cinema in which the human performer is entangled with animation, collaged with other performers, or inserted into perilous or fantastic situations and scenery

Post sound design : the art and craft of audio post production for the moving image
Avarese, John, 1957- author.
Post Sound Design provides a practical introduction to the fascinating craft of editing and replacing dialog, creating Foley and sound effects, editing music, and balancing these elements to a final mix. Based on years of exp

Problem-based learning in the earth and space science classroom, K-12
McConnell, Tom J., 1962- author.
Includes complete lesson plans that align with the Next Generation Science Standards, covering Earth's landforms and water (grades K-8), rock cycle and plate tectonics (grades 6-12), weather (grades K-8), and astronomy (grade

Strategic planning and decision-making for public and non-profit organizations
Valcik, Nicolas A., author.
This book provides administrators in public and non-profit organizations with direction and a framework from which to lead their organizations effectively. Taking a global approach to the issues administrators need to examine

Sustainable development : national aspirations, local implementation

Using case studies from Africa, South America, Asia and the Caribbean, this book examines the progress made in uniting national aspirations of sustainable development with their local implementation. The book draws lessons fr

Wind energy engineering : a handbook for onshore and offshore wind turbines

Wind Energy Engineering: A Handbook for Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines is the most advanced, up-to-date and research-focused text on all aspects of wind energy engineering. Wind energy is pivotal in global electricity gen

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