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An interactive introduction to knot theory
Johnson, Inga, author.
This well-written and engaging volume, intended for undergraduates, introduces knot theory, an area of growing interest in contemporary mathematics. The hands-on approach features many exercises to be completed by readers. Pr

This green and growing land : environmental activism in American history
Armitage, Kevin C., author.
In this concise and engaging survey of more than 250 years of American environmental activism to protect the natural world and promote a healthy human society, historian Kevin Armitage tells the story of a magnificent America

The man who knew : the life and times of alan greenspan
Mallaby, Sebastian.
The definitive biography of the most important economic statesman of our time Sebastian Mallaby's magisterial biography of Alan Greenspan, the product of over five years of research based on untrammeled access to his subject

The correspondence of Charles Darwin
Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882, author.
This volume inaugurates a complete edition of The Correspondence of Charles Darwin. For the first time full authoritative texts of Darwin's letters are available, edited according to modern textual editorial principles and pr

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