University Libraries

Remote Access And Login Help

If you are having problems logging into journals and/or databases remotely (from off-campus), it may be one of a few issues:

Account Issues

The user login information is the same for both your MyCWU and Library Accounts.

  1. Are you able to log in to MyCWU with your MyCWU username and password? (Ex: If your cwu email is, then your username would be doejane)
    • Yes – Try to log in to Library Account.
    • No -- Call the IS HelpDesk at (509) 963-2001.
  2. If you can login to My CWU, but cannot login to your Library Account, please call the Library Circulation Desk at (509) 963-3682 to check on the status of your account.

Single Vendor Issue

If you are having problems with one resource, but all others are fine (Ex: You can't access Academic Search Complete, but can access others), please let us know by filling out our Electronic Resources Problem Ticket.

Studying Abroad

If you need access from either China or Iran, you will need to let us know as our proxy server geo-blocks these countries by default to minimize intrusions. You will need to provide the following information when you submit your request:

  1. Your My CWU username.
  2. If there is a group of you, please provide usernames of everyone in your group.
  3. The dates you will be studying abroad to China or Iran.

Accounts For CWU Emeritus

If you are an emeritus faculty that needs remote access we will need to add an account manually for you.

Other Issues

If you are still having remote access issues, please submit our Database Remote Access Issue Form.

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