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CWU Libraries is committed to being a full partner with students and faculty in providing transformative teaching, learning, and research. We provide a wide variety of services, resources, and programs. We seek to make our offerings even more deeply integrated with the needs of our students and the greater CWU community.

  • Guiding Directions

    • Be a partner in transformative teaching, learning, and research.
    • Welcome the university community with excellent service and resources, seamless access to those resources and services, and inclusive spaces and programs accessible and approachable to all.
    • Add to the quality of life of the CWU community.
    • Create and extend an atmosphere of inclusiveness and diversity.

  • Key Three-Year Goals

    • Create welcoming user experiences and inclusive access by transforming physical spaces and creating virtual spaces and services.
    • Create diversity in the collections across disciplines and formats.
    • Create pathways to affordable course materials.
    • Build digital humanities teaching, learning, and research support.
    • Build data management services.
    • Create and nurture a nimble, responsive CWU Libraries organization.

  • Anti-Racism Action Plan

    CWU Libraries is deeply committed to the dismantling of all forms of racism through our work. We acknowledge historical and current inequalities due to systemic and institutionalized racism in higher education in general and in libraries specifically. We seek to facilitate access to resources for teaching, learning, and research without barrier and without bias.

    We commit to:

    • Proactive removal of barriers to information and resources
    • Promoting historically excluded voices in the academic record
    • Supporting expansion and deepening of university-wide efforts to dismantle systemic racism

    Specific goals and objectives include:

    • Expanding our outreach to first year and first-generation students to cultivate belonging and support academic success
    • Adding and promoting primary resources from historically excluded groups through our collections
    • Collaborating across the University to provide and promote dialogue surrounding issues of race, racism, and anti-racism through purposeful programming
    • Contributing to raising the profile of Africana and Black Studies, El Centro Latinx for Latino and Latin American Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian Studies, and Women and Gender Studies
    • Prioritizing the creation and cultivation of a culture of lifelong anti-racist learning and reflection among library staff, student workers, and faculty

CWU Libraries Newsletter

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History of CWU Libraries

  • 1892 Barge Hall

    1892 Barge Hall

    The first library was in Barge Hall in several locations until finally established on the first floor. Library duties were covered by faculty until Mrs. Ella Warner was appointed full time librarian in 1901.

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  • 1925 Smyser Hall

    1925 Smyser Hall

    October of 1925 saw the first dedicated library building at the Washington State Normal School when the building that became Shaw-Smyser Hall was completed.

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  • 1961 Bouillon Hall

    Bouillon Hall

    The new library had to have the capacity to hold 250k volumes and accommodate 800 patrons. Designed by famous architect, Fred Bassetti, the new library entered service on September 1, 1961 and was dedicated to Victor J. Bouillon in 1963.

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  • 1970's Lynnwood & SeaTac Libraries

    1970's Lynnwood & SeaTac Libraries

    With the rise of distance learning at Central Washington University, Westside Libraries began offering services at CWU-Lynnwood and CWU-SeaTac.

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  • 1975 Brooks Library

    1975 Brooks Library

    The current four-story library was completed in 1975 and dedicated to James E. Brooks on November 5, 2003. Today it is a well-loved center of activity on campus, providing books, electronic resources, and diverse study spaces.

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  • 2004/2005 Lynnwood & Des Moines Libraries

    2004/2005 Lynnwood & Des Moines Libraries

    In 2004, the CWU-Lynnwood Library opened in Snoqualmie Hall at Edmonds College. In 2005, the SeaTac Library moved into the Higher Education building at Highline College, eventually becoming the CWU-Des Moines Library.

Library Advisory Council

Reports to the Dean of Libraries or designee and shall advise the Dean on the development of library collections, policies, and services. The Council will develop and adopt operational guidelines that will direct the Council’s work into the future. The Council is charged with:

  • Providing input and guidance on matters related to the operational effectiveness of the Central Washington University Libraries.
  • Serves as advocates for the libraries to the university community and beyond.
  • Represents the students, faculty and staff in library-related needs.
  • Actively searches for ways to improve the libraries and promote programs to make our patrons aware of our resources and services, including those of the wider community.

You may access copies of the Library Advisory Council Reports and Bylaws.

Committee Composition and Membership

Committee Composition and Membership
  • Committee Composition

    11 members, including 1 ex-officio (the Dean of Libraries or designee), 10 appointed, including 5 faculty (1 CAH, 1 CEPS, 1 COTS, 1 CB, 1 CWU Center), 1 CWU staff, 1 library faculty/staff, and 3 students (appointed by the Associated Students of Central Board of Directors).

    Reports to: Dean of Libraries
    Contact: Shelley Berry, Brooks Library
    Chair: Yukari Amos
    Purpose: Advises the Dean of Libraries on the development of library collections, policies, and services.

  • Committee Membership

    Member Type


    Member Name

    Term Ends


    Interim Dean of Libraries

    Sydney Thompson



    1 Faculty from CAH

    Eun Young Lee



    2 Faculty from CEPS

    Yukari Amos

    Amanda Obery




    1 Faculty from CB




    1 Faculty from COTS




    1 Faculty from a CWU Center

    Fang Wang



    1 CWU Staff

    Col’Lette Gauvin



    3 CWU Students








    1 Library StaffMarty Blackson