Student Clubs Policy

Student Club Policy Information

CWU Libraries rooms are available for use by CWU recognized student clubs and organizations and are subject to procedures established by the libraries administration. Space may be used for dissemination of information about the organization or for a money-making project for CWU recognized student clubs only. Please complete an application, see attached.

The primary purpose of libraries facilities is to provide libraries programming and services. CWU Libraries-sponsored and administered activities will have priority in determining the use of libraries facilities. Libraries space is not available for religious services or social events. Individuals and groups approved to use libraries space shall not discriminate against any individual on the basis of age, race, sex, ethnicity, or religion with respect to accesss of the space. Individuals and groups approved to use libraries space may not charge admission or engage in commercial activity inconsistent with the mission and purpose of the CWU Libraries. The use of meeting rooms may not interfere with normal libraries functions and operations.

Permission granted for the use of CWU Libraries space in no way implies endorsement of the goals or activities of any individual or organization receiving such permission.

The CWU Libraries reserves the authority to maintain order and discipline on its premises and to take such action as may be necessary or appropriate to protect the well-being of its staff, employees and the patrons.

General Information

Conduct of student groups

Student groups using libraries space are expected to follow the Library Conduct Policy and conduct themselves in a professional and polite manner. The expectation is that groups using space in the libraries will clean up after themselves and will not leave materials in any space during off hours with the exception of libraries-provided chairs and tables.

Traffic flow

The sale of goods or dissemination of information shall not interrupt the normal flow of pedestrian traffic into and out of the facility.

Sale of Food

Food Booths

Food booths are limited to baked goods only. Items must be individually packaged prior to being displayed. Baked goods sale space is restricted to the designated table space area only. No alcoholic beverages may be served in the libraries.

CWU Is Not Responsible for Sales

Central Washington University shall not be responsible for the quality, fitness, or merchantability of goods or services sold on campus of the University. No person or organization selling goods or services in accordance with the provisions of the policy shall advertise, represent, or claim to be an agent or employee of Central Washington University. All persons or organizations offering for sale, or selling goods on the campus of Central Washington University shall prominently display a sign that contains the following language:

"Central Washington University is not responsible for the quality, merchantability, or fitness of these goods or services."

Seller conduct

The conduct of persons or organizations selling goods on the campus of CWU is expected to be polite and non-obtrusive. Aggressive selling or harassment of members of the University Community or the general public will result in the revocation of the club’s future use of libraries space. The CWU Libraries reserves the right to refuse or to have removed any seller that has not met the requirements, as outlined above, or is in violation of any state or federal law.


Although no fees or rent are charged for use of libraries space by qualifying groups, a charge may be levied by the Dean of Libraries to cover cleaning expenses and/or damages when warranted by the condition of the space following a group’s use.

Hours of Use

Libraries space shall be available only during normal business hours of the libraries.

Distribution of Materials Exceptions

Nothing in this policy shall authorize the distribution of materials by hand to patrons using the libraries. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Dean of Libraries.

CWU Recognized Student Clubs Use of Brooks Library Space Procedure

Complete an application for use of libraries space (MS WORD). For money-making projects for CWU recognized student clubs, your application must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, two weeks before finals week. No exceptions will be made to this deadline.

Submit the application to the Dean of Libraries Office, room 206.

The number of groups that submit applications by the deadline will determine how many hours each group will have available to them during finals week. We will try to honor all day and time preferences if possible.

A sign must be displayed that contains the following language:

"Central Washington University is not responsible for the quality, merchantability, or fitness of these goods or services."

Student groups are responsible for all clean up of the area and removal of all club materials. Failure to do so may prevent groups from requesting libraries space in subsequent quarters.