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  • Publish your SOURCE project in a peer-reviewed journal

    Are you interested in publishing your SOURCE project – or other work you’ve produced as a student – in a peer-reviewed journal? If so, check out the International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities! Contact journal co-editor and CWU librarian Mattias Olshausen at for more information.


  • Need just 1 credit Summer Session? Take LIS 110 online!

    Learn the basics of doing library research, including using databases and writing citations.

    Register April 30th.

    For more info, contact

  • PAC Program for Transfer Students

    Designed to help transfer students, this program establishes a cohort of transfer students who want to intentionally improve their organization and time management skills through connections with other students.

    • Build connections with other students on campus
    • Set goals for the quarter and work toward completing them
    • Hear strategies for success from a variety of campus partners

    For more information, visit Peer Accountability & Connections Program

  • Open education resources
    Open Educational Resources

    Need Open Ed textbooks or other resources? Check out Open Educational Resources guide.

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