Exhibit and Display Policy


The CWU Libraries will exhibit materials that support and promote Central Washington University’s mission. Libraries staff will curate the majority of the exhibits, or will work towards garnering traveling exhibits in keeping with this policy’s guidelines. Co-sponsored exhibits with other agencies are also allowed. Additionally, the opportunity is available for CWU students, faculty, and staff, to work with library staff to curate exhibits and art displays within CWU Libraries. The libraries is not responsible for the safety and welfare of non-libraries exhibit items.

 While exhibits may be tied to a theme, it is the expectation that the exhibit is primarily educational, and not promotional or commercial in nature. Handouts or flyers may be included with an exhibit if the Dean of Libraries grants permission. In general, CWU Libraries adheres to the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, in that exhibit space is made available equitably; materials are not excluded based on origin, background, or viewpoint. The library will not censor any exhibit due to possible disapproval from another group, but objection to content may be submitted to the Dean of Libraries. Final approval of all exhibits rests with the Dean of Libraries.

Campus Community Temporary Display

Some spaces within the CWU Libraries are available for the display of an artistic work. Display cases and wall exhibit space are available to the campus community only (students, faculty, staff, or emeritus faculty/staff). Artists may propose an exhibit and art to be exhibited that will be chosen by the appropriate library committee and the art department, pending approval of the Dean of Libraries. The CWU Libraries does not assume responsibility for loss, theft, or damage of any non-libraries items being exhibited or displayed. All items displayed are done so at the owner’s risk. Locked display cases will be available for jewelry/standing sculpture. Exhibitors will be responsible for delivery and removal of work. Artist information must be provided, but the libraries will not engage in sales or referral for sales. No price information will be included in the provided display information.

Free-standing exhibits may not be allowed, due to fire safety, accessibility issues, the safety of staff and patrons’ self or property, and general concern for the exhibit.

Archives and Special Collections

The University Archivist is responsible for the curation of exhibits housed in the second floor special collections exhibit cases. Duration will be determined by the archivist based on preservation best practices of the display of rare or fragile materials.

General Exhibit Cases

Cases are available for exhibits on the first floor of Brooks Library. General exhibits will be temporary, and show for no longer than 3 months (the exception being a traveling exhibit with a required display period). Library patrons may recall a circulating library item for checkout during the duration of the exhibit. Library materials that are not part of the general circulating collection will be used only if permitted by the appropriate Unit Head. Keys to display cases are kept in the dean’s office and at circulation.

Bulletin Boards

Brooks Library has one bulletin board, located on the first floor, available to the CWU and Ellensburg communities for posting notices of public interest. Flyers must have a removal date and be stamped with approval by the CWU Scheduling Center. Any posting without the stamped approval will be removed.


Exhibit Requests And Approval Procedures

  1. Exhibitors must fill out the incoming loan agreement (PDF), which may be obtained at the circulation desk or online. With the agreement, exhibitors submit a brief artist's statement (250 words or less) and a sample of recent work typical of what will be exhibited (either in a website link or a sample of work on up to 10 slides, CD, or flash drive).
  2. Submission of applications, statements, and biographies may be e-mailed to libraries@cwu.edu with the subject heading “Exhibit Request," or can be mailed or delivered in person to Brooks Library circulation desk.
  3. Library materials (such as books, DVDs, maps, etc.) incorporated into exhibits will be checked out to the faux-patron “DISPLAY” and an internal note placed in the item record to indicate the item’s location. Library materials utilized in exhibits are available to library patrons for check-out at their request.
  4. The artist will produce a sign, artist's biography, and brief description of the exhibit for display which will fit an 8 1⁄2 x 11 inch paper or cardstock. The artist is also responsible for producing cardstock labels (approximately 2 x 3 ") for each art piece. CWU Libraries will be responsible for arranging the hanging/displaying of artwork. Depending on funding availability CWU Libraries will cover the cost of exhibit installation.
  5. Exhibit requests will be reviewed by the display committee and representatives from the art department, and recommendations sent to the Dean of Libraries for final approval.
  6. Exhibits will be booked on a first-come basis and should be requested well in advance of the desired exhibit date. If the exhibitor cannot meet the schedule agreed upon, the libraries administration office (509-963-1902) should be notified immediately.
  7. Art will be displayed for at least one month or an academic quarter. Artist’s work must be prepared to hang/be displayed within the first two days of the assigned time. All artwork included in the exhibit must remain hanging/on display for the duration of the time scheduled.
  8. Exhibits must be removed on the scheduled end date. If not picked-up two weeks after the end of the exhibit, works will be sent to surplus.
  9. Sale of artwork: The libraries will not engage in selling or negotiating for the sale of artwork on behalf of the artist; however contact information for the artist(s) should be included in the artist’s biography.