Research Rooms Policy

CWU Libraries provides semiprivate rooms in Brooks Library to facilitate graduate student and faculty research. Research rooms are not to be used in lieu of departmental office or for conference use. Applications for research rooms are available from the administrative office, room 206 of Brooks Library.

Research room assignments are made on the basis of day-of-application eligibility of applicant and availability of space.

Due to high demand, research rooms are semiprivate and designed to be shared by two occupants. Occupants will be notified of the names of the other occupant in that space. Students and faculty will not be assigned to the same research room. Private research rooms may be assigned to individuals requiring accommodations at the referral of CWU Disability Services.

Research room assignments are renewed at the end of each quarter. The renewal period is for one quarter and is contingent upon eligibility and adequate use. If a research room is not renewed, the key must be returned by the close of the academic quarter to the university lock shop.

The use of research rooms is governed by the following priority of assignment:

  1. Currently enrolled graduate students
  2. Currently enrolled undergraduate students with accommodation referrals from CWU Disability Services
  3. Visiting scholars without available office space within his/her hosting department
  4. University staff enrolled in a doctoral program
  5. Full-time faculty engaged in research activities, including doctoral education, without available individual office space within his/her own department
  6. Emeritus faculty engaged in research activities without available office space within his/her previous department
  7. Adjunct faculty engaged in research activities, including doctoral education, without available office space within his/her own department

User Responsibilities

A research room is to be used exclusively by the person to whom it has been assigned and cannot be loaned or transferred to another party.

Nothing is to be permanently posted or attached in any way to walls or furniture. The inside and outside of the research room door glass should not be blocked by posters, papers, fixtures, etc. Any obstructions will be removed. Administration reserves the right to remove any items that block visibility into the research room.

Personal equipment, such as computers, iPads, Kindles, iPods, calculators, study lamps, or desk clocks, is permitted. Electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, space heaters, coffee pots, and personal furniture are prohibited.

Each research room will be provided two individual desks, two chairs, and a shared bookshelf. Libraries administration must approve any additional furniture prior to being placed in the research room.

Use of tobacco products, illegal drugs, or alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the research rooms. Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed when in closed containers. Food may not be consumed or stored in research rooms.

Possession of any weapon in the research rooms is strictly prohibited.

The libraries is not responsible for damage or loss of any personal property or other items left in the research room.

Repair costs for physical damage to research room and/or libraries equipment is the responsibility of the room occupant(s).

Acceptable Use of Technology Resources

Research room occupants are required to comply with all libraries and university policies. This includes but is not limited to:

Intent and Purpose of Research Rooms

Assignment of research rooms is intended to accommodate the need for a place where graduate students can conduct uninterrupted research and faculty can conduct research in the event that he/she does not have departmental office space. Research rooms not in regular use should be surrendered.

Research rooms may only be used during Brooks Library operating hours. Should it be found that a room is being used outside of operating hours, occupant(s) will immediately forfeit use of the research room.

Library Material Policies

All circulating library materials in the research room must be properly checked out to the assigned occupant. All items will be subject to regular loan policies and overdue fines and fees.

Periodicals, reference books, and other non-circulating materials must not be left in the research room.

Research Room Inspections

The Dean of Libraries or designee reserves the right to enter the research room unannounced and at any time. All libraries-owned materials will be removed if not properly checked out or if overdue. Fines and fees will be assessed on overdue materials. Any prohibited materials will be removed and held at the services desk.

Research Room Keys

Room keys may not be duplicated or loaned to other individuals. Keys must be returned to the university lock shop at the end of the loan period. If keys are not returned a re-keying charge will be assessed.

Lost keys should be reported immediately to the administrative office for the Dean of Libraries, 509- 963-1902. A replacement key will be made available after payment of the required re-key charge.

Application Procedures

All eligible students and faculty may apply for a research room. Please email to request an application form.

Assignments of a research room will occur based on eligibility and availability. Please note that all fulltime faculty, adjunct faculty and emeriti faculty who are applying to obtain or renew a research room must first seek an endorsement from their department chair as well as their college dean confirming the need for additional research space. The endorsement must be turned in with application in order to be deemed valid.

Renewal notices will be sent toward the end of the quarter via CWU e-mail. Occupants will be expected to resubmit their applications prior to finals week if wanting to renew for the following quarter. If a research room will not be renewed, the libraries administrative office will need to be notified and the key must be returned by the close of the academic quarter to the university lock shop.

Failure to comply with this policy and other libraries policies will result in withdrawal of research room privileges.