Filming and Photographing Policy and Procedures

Filming/Photographing in the Libraries Policy

Policy governing filming/photographing in the CWU Libraries is intended to help maintain an appropriate environment for study and research in the libraries. The libraries, therefore, reserves the right to prohibit filming/photographing if it is believed that a filming/photographing project would be disruptive to patrons and staff.

Anyone interested in filming/photographing in the libraries must complete a request for permission to film/photograph in the libraries form and obtain the signature of the Dean of Libraries. All shoots must be course- or university-related and abide by the guidelines specified in the request for permission form. The form asks for basic information about the filming/photographing project. Upon receipt and approval of the request for permission to film/photograph form, the administrative assistant to the dean will inform public services staff of the details of the film project. If the dean is unavailable, the administrative assistant may give permission to film/photograph.

All film/photographic requests must be made at least two (2) days in advance of the requested date. Requests will be approved only in cases where the shoot will not disrupt or inconvenience normal libraries use. Common sense and consideration should be used in filming/photographing individuals. Photographs of individuals, particularly close-ups, may be taken only with the person’s expressed permission. When photographs or film are used for any commercial purpose, the libraries requires credit in print in any finished product. The libraries also requires a copy of the publication or film be provided for inclusion in the libraries' collection.

Adherence to the following guidelines is required:

  1. No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed.
  2. No alteration to the physical space of the libraries, this includes the application of tape to walls or surfaces.
  3. No activity will take place that could interfere with the usual activity of libraries personnel or patrons.
  4. No activities may take place that might create conditions that are hazardous to the facility, its users, or materials.
  5. Noise disruptive to the normal course of libraries activities will not be tolerated.
  6. Respect the privacy of patrons and libraries personnel. Photographers and filmmakers must receive permission to photograph or film patrons and/or libraries staff prior to capturing an image.

On the day of filming/photographing, those filming/photographing must present their signed copy of the request for permission to film/photograph to the services desk. The receiving staff member will alert libraries staff via email about the presence of a film/photographic crew in the libraries.

The libraries accepts no liability for the use of photographs or film resulting from this activity.

Persons Not Affiliated With Central Washington University

All requests to film/photograph in the libraries from persons not affiliated with Central Washington University must be submitted to the Director of Facilities Planning & Construction Services, who can be reached by calling 509-963-7523, and the appropriate authority (dean, director, etc.).

Questions regarding the policy or procedures should be addressed to the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Libraries, Kim Hansen, at 509-963-1902 or

James E. Brooks Library, 400 E University Way, Ellensburg, WA 98926-7548

Filming/Photographing in the Library Procedures

  1. Complete a request for permission to film/photograph form (PDF).
  2. Obtain your professor’s signature on the request for permission form, approving the filming/photographing.
  3. Submit the request for permission form to the office of the Dean of Libraries, Brooks Library room 206.
  4. Obtain approval from the Dean of Libraries, or designee. Approval must be obtained at least two (2) days prior to the activity.
  5. On the day of filming/photographing, present a signed copy of the request for permission to film/photograph to the services desk.
  6. Adhere to the guidelines outlined in the filming/photographing in the libraries policy.
  7. Return all areas used for filming/photographing to the order they were prior to the activity.