LIS Internship

About the Library and Information Science (LIS) Internship

Are you interested in gaining practical experience in a library, archive, museum, or related information field? The LIS 490 Internship offers you the opportunity to gain real-world knowledge that will take your future career to the next level.

Internship Details

Most internships are 120 hours of field experience and support academic activities. There is a 3-credit minimum for internships in the LIS Minor (40 hours of field work per credit). Students in the LIS Certificate do not need the internship.

Students can complete the internship once they have met the prerequisite coursework of LIS 110, LIS 201, LIS 310, and LIS 314. Grading in the internship is satisfactory or unsatisfactory.


As an online program, internships are not place-bound to Ellensburg, WA. Join peers from around the state as you explore a future career in Library Science. Many students choose to intern with their local public library or historical society.

Sites for internships can include:

  • Public libraries
  • Special libraries
  • School libraries
  • Historical societies
  • Business libraries
  • Academic libraries
  • Museums
  • Cultural centers

Internships are intended to provide you with hands-on experience and connections with information professionals in the field. Having those experiences in your area is highly encouraged and is a great way to connect locally and share knowledge from your coursework back with your community.


You can start preparing for the internship as soon as you enter the LIS Minor. One of the best ways to begin preparation is to research locations you would be interested in doing an internship with to give yourself plenty of time to collaborate with the site.

Scheduling your Internship

  1. Once you have a plan of prerequisite course completion, you can decide which quarter you’d like to take your internship.
  2. Work with your advisor to develop a plan for contacting a site or sites that you are interested in interning with. We recommend starting communication with the internship site as early as a year in advance of your intended internship quarter.
  3. Review Career Service's Internship Checklist on enrolling in an internship.
  4. With your advisor and site supervisor, work on developing a Learning Agreement for the internship. This will ensure you are enrolled in the course.