Universal Laptop Charger Instructions

Universal Laptop Charger Instructions

The universal laptop chargers come with 16 different connectors in the bag that all fit different laptop models. Match the connector with the laptop model.

  1. Compare the name of the laptop to the chart below to match a connector.
  2. If it fits, it should charge. Laptop types/models are below the screen, or on the bottom of the laptop.
  3. Match the voltage on the connector to the voltage on the laptop itself. Voltage is usually found on the bottom of the laptop

Laptop Models & Connectors

Use the correct connector for you brand of laptop. See image below for connectors.

Laptop Model Possible Connectors
Acer M5, M7, M15
Asus M5, M27
Dell M9
Delta M5
Fujitsu M3
Gateway M5
Hasee M5
HP M20
HP/Compaq M4, M12
HP Envy M29
IBM M5, M11
Lenovo M5, M11, M28
Liteon M5, M7, M15
NEC M1, M5, M7
Samsung M6, M22
Sony M3, M8
Toshiba M1, M5

Laptop Charger Connectors