Transformative Agreements

Highlighting Publication Opportunities

We support faculty research through innovative transformative agreements and open access publishing.

CWU Libraries Supports Faculty Research

CWU Libraries has entered into transformative agreements with several publishers via the Orbis Cascade Alliance to ensure equitable access to key collections and further elevate our publishing opportunities for current faculty at CWU. 

What is a transformative agreement? In essence, a transformative agreement transfers the financial responsibility of open access publication fees from individual authors to an institutional level (in our case to CWU Libraries), while simultaneously eliminating subscription costs to online materials within a particular package. This allows all researchers to access resources free of charge and current faculty to submit for publication with the associated costs assumed by CWU Libraries for accepted works. 

Our Participating Publishers

CWU Libraries has entered two transformative agreements as part of the Orbis Cascade Alliance. To learn more about open access publishing opportunities with the Association for Computing Machinery and Cambridge University Press via the CWU Libraries transformative agreement, please email

We will be sure to update this site with additional information regarding any future agreements we enter. Check back regularly for current publishing opportunities.

Association for Computing Machinery 

The Association for Computing Machinery Publications focuses on computer research and innovation scholarship. ACM Open seeks to expand access to scholarly materials and enhance the publication pipeline. 

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press covers a broad range of topics and research areas. Open Access Publishing with Cambridge promotes wide-spread access to scholarly works and embraces lifting financial burdens for publishing faculty.